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Stop Noisy Water Pipes With Your Plumber | Las Vegas, NV

Water hammering and other noisy pipes can be aggravating in your home. Imagine enjoying a game night activity with your family, and there is persistent hammering originating from inside the walls. The noise will not only ruin the calming nature of the game night with your loved ones but also negate the sanctuary effect that your home offers you.

However, this does not mean you can’t regain the calming atmosphere you crave after a long work day. Therefore, taking steps such as having a regular plumbing service for your home will go a long way in helping maintain your plumbing system to the required standards. Apart from hiring a licensed plumber, it is also good to know what causes the water hammering and, most importantly, how these issues can be fixed. Therefore, this article will outline the major causes of noisy water pipes. Then, it will look at how to stop the noises before they cause further damage.

Major Causes of a Noisy Water Pipe

Blockage in the Water or Drain Lines

The noises of your pipe might vary between banging and hammering to a gurgling sound. When your pipes make a gurgling sound, this could indicate a blockage in your lines due to dirt or obstruction within the plumbing system. It could be that something accidentally went down the toilet or drain and is currently blocking the water flow. The blockage causes a gurgling sound as water tries to find its way around it and opposes the air in the pipe.

On the brighter side, this situation is easily rectified by a plumbing expert to restore your home to the sanctuary you enjoy. Therefore, contact a plumber to check your drain if you notice these gurgling noises. The chemical drain cleaning products in the market pose an extensive risk to your health, primarily if handled without the necessary gear. A licensed technician will clear the blockage, restoring free water flow in your drains and ensuring your health and plumbing systems are protected.

Hydraulic Shock

Another possible cause of water hammering in your drains is a surge or difference in pressure through the piping system. In most households, washers control the water flow automatically, which happens within seconds. The difference in water flows in the pipes from one minute to the next leads to a surge in the water pressure. Therefore, when the water flow in the pipes is either stopped abruptly or forced to change direction, it creates a shock wave referred to as a hydraulic surge or a hydraulic shock. A hydraulic shock is characterized by a knocking or banging sound in the pipes immediately after shutoff.

The most effective way of solving this problem is to contact a plumber who will conduct an extensive diagnostic of the plumbing system and advise the best-suited item to keep the hydraulic pressure under control. Some of the available methods available in the market to control hydraulic pressure include;

  • Pressure vessel and pressure limiting valve
  • Air Chambers
  • Water hammer arrestors
  • Check valves
  • Surge tanks
  • Slow closing valves.

A professional plumber will also install the item efficiently, counteracting the hydraulic pressure and leaving your home peaceful and the drain fully functional.

Loose Pipe

The other major contributing factor to noisy pipes in most Las Vegas, NV, homes is loose pipes. A loose pipe will vibrate as water goes through it, hitting the frame of your home, thus causing a loud hammering noise. In most cases, flexible lines are either caused by normal wear and tear or the dislodging of a pipe from its intended place. Over time, the pipes become old, thus loosening the grip on the walls. On the other hand, if a pipe becomes undone from the wall, you can experience the same noise.

Only a professional can safely access the pipes without causing damage to the system or getting hurt in the process. Therefore, to eliminate this tricky problem, contact a plumber to perform a diagnostic on your plumbing system. The professional will ensure the installation is correct and change the old pipes leaving your home with a quiet environment and free-flowing water.

Brackets and Clip

Brackets and clips are the main components that keep your Las Vegas, NV, plumbing system in place on the wall. They ensure that the pipes and other necessary details are securely and neatly attached to the wall. Therefore, if the clips or the brackets are not correctly installed or become loose through wear and tear, the water pressure in the pipes will move the pipe from the wall.

The pressure in the pipe will determine the movement of the pipe such that it can be a small displacement or a total movement. Therefore, it creates a hammering sound as water passes in the lines causing it to hit the wall or a nearby object. In worst-case scenarios, the pipe can completely dislodge from its intended place, causing a leak or complete disconnection from the plumbing system.

Therefore, it is advisable to immediately contact a qualified professional when you notice a humming sound. The plumber will remove the faulty clip or bracket and install new ones, efficiently securing the pipe. Notably, using a certified plumber to install your plumbing system is paramount to avoid substandard services.

Water Ripples the Tank

Your water tank has a float valve that sways when water flows into the tank. The constant rocking of the valve creates water ripples which echo through the water pipes, causing a hammering noise. However, plastic tanks have a reinforcing plate that stops the valve from moving. Therefore, contacting a plumber for a hammering sound is best, primarily if your pipes are behind walls.

Fixing Your Noisy Pipes

Apart from the ones above, there are many causes for noisy pipes. Regardless of the reason, the best step to take once you notice a hammering or gurgling noise in your Las Vegas, NV, home is to contact a professional plumber like Craig’s Plumbing immediately.