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Targeting Water Line Repair For Plumbing Maintenance | Henderson, NV

When We Find and Fix Your Leak, We Think About Your Total Plumbing Picture

As a homeowner, you’re always thinking about the future. You know that you can take several maintenance strategies, including always keeping your home in great repair, and just calling for emergency repairs when things fall apart. Most of us are somewhere in between those two, guided by our budgets and wanting to avoid the disruption of service people in our homes. When your plumbing springs a leak, at Craig’s Plumbing our emergency plumbing service will spring to action for a water line repair, but as we target the source of the leak, we’ll also think about the cause.

Is It a One-Time Leak, or a Sign of Pipe Trouble?

A poorly connected pipe joint or a damaged pipe that was cut in the wall during construction is hopefully a one-time leak. We do get some freezing pipes in this area, but hopefully that’s not the problem. We can help you by inspecting to determine any risks for freezing during cold snaps. If your home is older, pipe corrosion or decaying old pipe material as the source might point to a future of repeated pipe leaks and emergency water line repairs. If the repairs are in the basement or even in the walls you might wait and see. When repairs involve significant effort, such as digging a trench or working under the concrete slab, then you definitely need to consider a comprehensive fix rather than paying to dig up and re-pour concrete every time there’s a leak.

Tools for Leak Detection

If finding the leak is going to take time and lead to repairs behind walls or under concrete, we’ll often turn to technology as well as our expert knowledge of plumbing to find the source. After all, the water could be traveling some distance before it shows, running down the pipe in the wall or soaking the ground under your home or in your yard. If we’re your regular plumber, or we’ve served customers with homes built like yours, we’ll have some extra insight into what the cause could be and where it might be located. That’s one of the advantages of being a long-term Henderson, NV plumber serving the Las Vegas area: we know the houses, and the land.

Video Helps Report Your Pipes’ Condition

If we’re concerned that your pipes are becoming corroded, it may be time to take a look and check their condition visually, especially in the line from the street. The Las Vegas Valley Water District’s water is characterized as “very hard,” the kind that makes it difficult to raise suds in your washer. The area also has a lot of copper piping, which can be vulnerable to corrosion. If you have a water softener system, your home’s pipes are less likely to be affected, and if you don’t have one that might be part of our conversation for the future. If we see problems in the pipe, you might be facing “pinhole” leaks and other damage throughout your home, with frequent water line repairs needed.

Re-piping Sounds Major, But It’s Common

If your pipes have served well for decades, it’s possible that they’ve reached the end of their service life. If they’re copper and thinning due to corrosion, that’s especially true but some kinds of plastic piping also have a limited lifetime we’ve found. When your plumbing system shows signs of decay, we’ll often talk about whether it’s best to swap the pipes or continue water line repair from time to time. Re-piping is fairly common, as homes of a certain age with the risk factors we’ve mentioned such as corrosion or the wrong kind of plastic pipe tend to all need it to some degree. Our team will start with the water line repair that addresses the leak, and make sure you’re fully informed regarding causes.

Taking On the Repairs at Hand

Our first goal is to minimize damage. When you call us with an emergency we’ll talk about shutting off the water, possibly to the whole house. We’ll send someone on their way to get to work on finding the leak and fixing it. There are two types of leaks we normally get calls about. Emergencies involve suddenly releasing water into your home, others are those that you suspect based on high water bills, sounds of water running under your basement floor, extra-healthy landscaping that’s probably receiving water from the leak, or low water pressure that’s affecting your whole house. We’ll start our detective work on either type of problem, and use our skills to diagnose and propose a solution.

Short-Term and Long-Term Water Line Repair

Our team will work with you to determine what the best solution is to stabilize your plumbing leak and make an effective water line repair. We’re quick and effective, respectful of your home and family no matter what hour we’re called in. If we see a longer-term problem, we’ll try to make sure our immediate water line repair helps you get time to think. Urgency is not a sales technique for us. We want you to rely on us and trust us to keep your home’s plumbing in good repair, and to make water line repairs that will add decades to your plumbing system’s lifetime.

Your Las Vegas Area Plumber That Helps You Plan Ahead

Based in Henderson, NV, at Craig’s Plumbing we are here for the long term, serving our customers over the years and providing them with services and plumbing advice that they can rely on. We offer a powerful guarantee that ensures you’ll be satisfied with results, and the way that the services are provided. We want to be the plumber you turn to for all your needs. Let us make your emergency plumbing situations more manageable, and feel free to call us now to get to know us. We look forward to serving you.