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Tips For A Malfunctioning Toilet

At Craig’s Plumbing, we hope that you don’t need a plumber very often, but when you do, you can count on us 24/7 to fix your emergency plumbing needs around the Las Vegas valley. While no amount of free advice is a replacement for a licensed, professional plumbing company, utilizing some of these tips may save you money on an emergency call.

Preventing Toilet Overflow & Unclogging Your Toilet

This is by far and large the most common plumbing problem we receive calls for at Craig’s Plumbing. If your toilet’s water level is rising and approaching overflow, turn on the cold water in the nearby sink or bathtub. The water being redirected to these other outlets can help slow the rising water in your toilet, and in some cases will stop the overflow.

The next step to take is to unclog the toilet, which requires a special, yet inexpensive tool called a flange plunger. This plunger, typically black in color, can be picked up at the nearest hardware store for around $30, and the representative can help you find the right one. It has a deep upside-down bowl and a rim two to three inches in height at its bottom. The rim, also called a flange, should be inserted into the toilet opening to create a seal. Pumping the plunger quickly, several times, builds up the vacuum suction, at which point you should pull up sharply. While this generally works the first time, you may need a few tries to get the blockage out of the drain.

While occasional toilet clogs are fairly common, if your toilet seems to be getting clogged frequently, check to make sure that your family isn’t sending anything down them that might clog them up such as, feminine hygiene products, napkins, or facial tissues. The amount of toilet tissue used may also contribute, so make sure that excessive amounts aren’t being used. Other flushing issues may be caused from malfunctioning hardware in your toilet such as a water valve not fully opening or closing, water levels not filling your tank properly, and even having a flapper not sealing properly.

In older homes clogs further downstream can cause issues, and these clogs may cause issues in multiple toilets in your home. If you have multiple toilets in your home and they all clog at the same time, this is the sign of a potentially serious issue, and you should contact Craig’s Plumbing immediately to resolve the problem.