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Tips From Your Plumbing Service To Save Money | Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, you’ll want to ensure everything is in good shape and working as well as possible. Plumbing problems can be such an issue for homeowners. Common issues include leaks, clogs, and sewer issues. Not only can these problems ruin your day and cause damage to your house, but they can also cost you money. Learning preventative maintenance plumbing tips reduces your utility costs and shields you from costly repairs. This post will list some tips to help keep your plumbing system in good condition.

Turn Off Your Taps Properly

If your faucet drips, you may think that very little water is being lost. However, a faucet can drip up to 15 gallons each day. By making a conscious effort to shut off your faucets completely, you can lessen the amount of wasted water. If a tap leaks after you close it, call a plumbing service to fix or replace it. You’ll stop wasting water and, consequently, save money.

Know The Location of Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Knowing the locations of all the water valves in your house is a smart idea. However, there’s a risk the valves won’t be marked if your home is more recent. Look for this valve in the basement, at the front foundation wall, or all the way around your house, in both newer and older homes. Then you can turn the water off if there is a major leak in the house and call a plumbing service.

Replace Dated Taps

When should an old kitchen or bathroom faucet be replaced? Your taps don’t just make your sink look better. They also regulate the amount of water released. Your utility bills can increase over time. Modern eco-friendly designs can help to reduce the amount of water used significantly.

Check The Water Meter

Your home’s exterior water main line connects to a little metered box, where your water meter can be found. Another meter regulates water flow when it enters your house. Make sure to look for leaks in this region. Is the meter still running even though there is no water usage in your home? In that case, water may be dripping somewhere in your house without your knowledge. Call a plumbing service in Las Vegas, NV, to visit your house and conduct a thorough analysis to determine the leak’s origin.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

One of the best ways to reduce plumbing costs is to replace an old water heater. Older versions can significantly increase your monthly gas and electric costs.

Call a plumbing service to install a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater can reduce your annual utility costs. There is no need for a tank water heater because you only use hot water when needed.

Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

Pouring chemicals down your drains could lead to plumbing disasters. It will be harder to clear the clog in the long run because these chemicals usually lubricate rather than remove it.

Additionally, heat is produced by liquid drain cleaners since they work by causing chemical reactions inside the drain pipe. The pipe may suffer some terrible damage from this heat. Instead of using liquid drain cleaners, call a plumbing service if you have a clogged drain.

Install Low-Flow Toilets and Showerheads

Installing low-flow toilets is one technique to help you save money. By switching to these toilets, you would save water every time you use the restroom because they are made to use less water per flush. Switching to low-flow showerheads can significantly cut down on your daily water usage. Call a plumbing service to install a low-flow toilet or showerhead in your home.

Keep Your Drains Clean

Cleaning your drains is important because it prevents clogs from being caused by food particles, hair, and other materials being flushed down the drain. Backups brought on by clogs can break pipes. Avoid clogs and additional damage to your drain by pouring as little food or grease down it as you can to save yourself from expensive repair costs. Craig’s Plumbing offers drain cleaning if your drain is clogged.

Don’t Flush Anything Except Toilet Paper

The toilet is made to take only waste matter and toilet paper. The garbage disposal should be used for everything else. Items like hair, feminine products, cigarettes, or even wipes marked “flushable” can clog toilets and cost you a lot of money since you’ll have to call a plumbing service.

Fix All Minor Issues

Dealing with minor issues before they develop into larger ones is the first step in reducing plumbing costs. To save money, you may feel inclined to overlook these minor problems. However, allowing a minor issue to worsen can result in a significant leak or flooding, leading to expensive repairs. Contact a plumber in Las Vegas, NV, when you notice any plumbing issues.

Check For Toilet Leaks

With toilet flushing accounting for 30% of daily household water use, your toilets may be the biggest water waster in the house. Ensure there are no leaks in your toilet to avoid wasteful water loss. Insert some food coloring into your toilet tank to check for leaks. Your toilet is leaking if the color seeps into the bowl within 10 to 15 minutes. Call a plumbing service if you have a leaky toilet.

Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals may appear to be indestructible, but certain materials might cause them to fail. Celery, fruit pits, poultry skins, bananas, and eggshells are unfriendly to garbage disposals because they can build up debris, resulting in blockages and unpleasant odors. Additionally, bones should never be thrown down the garbage disposal since they can harm the grinding chamber’s sidewalls.

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Our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service is apparent in how our plumbers perform a service call. We take the time to understand your plumbing issues and diagnose your system. Once the issue has been identified, our plumbing technician will explain the problem to you and the course of treatment. With Craig’s Plumbing, you are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. We don’t leave until you are satisfied.

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