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Two Ways To Save Your Pipes

Pipes and other plumbing fixtures may be prone to leaks and damage when not maintained properly. It is worth noting that daily wear and tear paired with improper settings and less than ideal environments can put a lot of stress on the components of a plumbing system which can lead to costly repairs or replacements.


According to professional plumbers, fixing and replacing ill-maintained plumbing can incur costs of anywhere between $2000 to $15000. This can easily be avoided if homeowners are able to undertake steps that will lead to the preservation of the integrity of the pipes and plumbing fixtures in their homes.


This seems like a hefty ordeal but it’s simple, really. Apart from keeping plumbing systems in check regularly, homeowners must also know two simple ways to reduce the stress on their pipes. This includes maintaining appropriate water pressure and reducing hard water.


While many people enjoy good water pressure when taking showers, too much of the good thing can eventually lead to plumbing leaks. This is because intense water pressure makes pipe joints, valves, and other components work twice or thrice as hard. This can drastically reduce the lifespan of plumbing systems.


It is ideal to measures water pressure with a hose bib gauge, available at the hardware store for under $10. Normal readings range from forty to eighty psi. Anything above, means that it is necessary to install a pressure reducer which may cost up to $400.


Mineral buildup on shower heads and other plumbing fixtures can also drastically reduce its lifespan. Hard water which contains naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium can clog pipes, which restricts the flow of water and increases the pressure. They also corrode joints and fittings. Again, this can lead to leaks and unwanted repair expenses.


Water can be softened by installing a water softener. Most use sodium to counteract the minerals in your water, but new electronic softeners use electromagnetic pulses to dissolve minerals, and have the advantage of not adding sodium to your water.


Professional plumbers can install these for as low at $150.