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Water Heater Repair? Explicit Signs It’s About To Fail | Las Vegas, NV

A water heater giving out in the middle of winter is a stressful occurrence for many homeowners in Las Vegas, NV. While sometimes emergency breakdowns may occur, it is important to understand some telltales that may indicate a failing water heater.

Here are some:

1. Lack of Hot Water

Is your water heater discharging cold or lukewarm water only in Las Vegas, NV? Does it take long for your water to heat? Then it means you need water heater repair services.

Notably, water heaters come with a storage tank of about 30 to 50 gallons. And in their operation of heating water, minerals separate and sediment at the bottom. With time the deposit builds up forming a barrier between the water and the heater.

And with less heat getting to the water, results in cold and lukewarm showers.

2. Cloudy Water

Sometimes your shower water may develop a metallic scent or turn cloudy. These are signs of a water heater that is about to give out. It means that the mineral deposits in your water heater tank have accumulated to levels that they can travel through the plumbing and of the taps, and hence the metallic odor.

These high deposits are also an indicator that your heater is rusty too. That’s why if you notice cloudy water coming out the shower contact a plumbing technician for water heater repair services.

3. Aging

Water heaters just like any other home appliance don’t last forever. A quality and a decent water heater should last somewhere between 10 and 15 years. While scheduling regular maintenance with water heater repair companies and using water softeners helps to extend their lifespan, the time will come when you will be required to make a replacement.

To determine the age of your water heater you should read the serial printed on the attached label on the upper part—manufacturers include production dates. Remember, the first two digits on serial indicate the year. For instance, if it’s 09 it means the water heater was produced in 2009.

More importantly, when replacing these important components make sure to work with a water heater repair company that deals with genuine and quality parts.

4. Frequent and Expensive Repairs

Are your water heater repairs breaking your bank? Well, a water heater that keeps on breaking down indicates impending failure. Age is one of the factors that can contribute to this scenario.

More importantly, if the quality of the water heater is not as per the standards can lead to frequent breakdowns. If you find your repairs are not financially feasible Craig Plumbing we can offer you a new solution—replacement.

5. Leaking Pressure Relief Valve

A leaking pressure relief (TPR) valve is not a good indicator of your plumbing. This is a problem that goes beyond replacing the valve. It serves as an indicator you may be in need of water heater repair services.

Notably, the accumulation of mineral salt and rust in the tank causes the TPR valve to freeze, ceasing to function. And with the TPR valve playing a crucial role in relieving excess pressure in your tank, you may be sitting on a time bomb.

At Craig Plumbing, we implore you if you notice such a problem, call for water heater repair services to avoid putting your life and your loved ones in peril.

6. Varying Water Temperature

Are you constantly playing with the dials trying to adjust your changing water temperature? There is nothing more irritating in the morning than dealing with a shower with varying water temperatures.

Even worse, this is a red flag of a water heater that is about to fail. That’s why the prudent thing to do is call a plumbing technician to help you with the repair undertaking. Don’t wait for the process to escalate and result in costly repairs.

7. Leaking Water Tank

Mineral deposits in your storage tank cause it to corrode eventually leading to cracks. Leakage of hot water is an indicator you might run into water heater problems. And if this problem is not addressed, it may lead to flooding of your house damaging your valuables.

Why don’t you take proactive steps when you realize this problem and seek water heater repair services and it will save you money and help you avoid the stress that comes with the escalation of the problem?

8. Hot Water that Runs Out too Fast

As we mentioned earlier, mineral deposits accumulate in water heater tanks. And on a yearly basis, every homeowner needs to have their tanks flushed. Sadly, most of them ignore it.

The sediments then build up taking the space that would otherwise be occupied by water resulting in the problem of hot water running out quickly. If you detect this sign, then you should seek water heater repair services to have your tank drained.

9. Reduced Water Flow

The buildup of sediments leads to scaling down the pressure of the water flow rate. This is a signal that indicates there are blockages within the plumbing that connects the taps and faucets. And this is not a problem to be postponed as you might end up having no hot water in the house.

This situation can be extreme, especially if it happens in the middle of winter. If you notice this problem, contact a plumbing technician to have your tank flushed and the rest of the plumbing checked. You may even embrace more proactive measures by practicing schedule maintenance.

Final Takeaways

Your water heater is arguably one of the most important plumbing components in your house. And by undertaking regular maintenance, you not only save yourself the headache of running out of hot water, but also increase its lifespan. By being on the lookout for the above signs, you can take proactive steps before your water heater fails.

And at Craig’s Plumbing, we are always committed to helping local residents maintain healthy water heaters that work efficiently and effectively.

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