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Water Heater Repair For Your Type Of System | Las Vegas, NV

Not everyone has a silent 40-gallon cylinder sitting in their basement, or some other secluded spot, providing standard water heating with electricity or natural gas. The range of available energy-consuming appliances has expanded in many areas, including hot water heaters. As plumbers providing water heater repair services to the Las Vegas, NV area since 1997, at Craig’s Plumbing we’ve seen an expansion of technologies used to provide hot water in area homes, and we’ve expanded our water heater repair skills to match. We’re ready to make repairs for most types of systems. In those few cases such as geothermal heating where installation or other services require unique specialists, our expert plumbing skills will still be just what you need for most water heater repairs and maintenance.

A Flexible Choice of Energy Sources: Storage Tank Water Heaters

Basic 40-gallon tanks with gas or electric heating elements and adjustable thermostats are what we find in most homes. They’re straightforward and they’re common, and as plumbers, we have performed water heater repairs on so many we’ve lost count. The key to keeping these producing for their typical lifetime of ten years or more is maintenance, and as water heater repair experts our maintenance visits are also inspections by our trained staff to keep track of your water heater’s operations including heaters, pressure relief valve, and anode rod.

Unlimited Supply: Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters tend to just work, with periodic cleaning and a check for any unexpected problems. They are usually more expensive to install, but families that run out of hot water from a 40 gallon tank-based system love the seemingly endless hot water that a tankless unit can supply. The other benefit that tankless units provide is space because they don’t have a big tank taking up precious square footage in your home. Some of our water heater repair customers ask about tankless as an option, and our team can make the switch if you determine it’s right for you and your family.

An Attractive Option in Hot Climates: the Hybrid or HPWH Water Heater

The hybrid water heater is attracting a lot of interest because it can reduce your energy bill thanks to the heat in the surrounding air. The unit does have moving parts and uses electricity for reasons other than resistive heating. HPWH has a lot of structural similarities to tank-based water heaters, so it requires a lot of the maintenance and repairs of traditional units. Affected by hard water, it also needs anode rod inspection and replacement like a traditional unit. Our repair team can tend to the mechanical components of the hybrid water heater such as the condenser, and manage the condensate line for proper discharge. The heating technique makes it somewhat less attractive in cooler climates, but excellent here.

Your Energy Bill is Paid: Solar Water Heaters

A solar domestic water heater can offer great savings on energy costs because of course, the energy comes from the sun. In this area, solar water heaters that circulate a freeze-proof liquid aren’t really needed, and heat-exchanger units have pretty straightforward heat collection and water storage plumbing. Water heater repairs for these units can include replacement and maintenance of the storage tank and management of the plumbing to and from the solar collectors.

Replacing, Relocating, and Finding Plumbing Problems

It may seem like your water heater is a fixture in your home, never to move except when it makes way for a replacement. Fortunately, if you’re planning a remodeling or other activities that require the relocation of your water heater, we can do it. It requires quite a bit of planning and expertise, meeting code requirements for the new location, and determining whether a replacement is a good idea as part of the relocation.

Changing Hot Water Sources

Our team of professional plumbers is skilled at revising your hot water heating system to employ a different type of energy source, such as switching from gas to electric on a traditional tank-based model. We draw plans and create a strategy so our team minimizes the impact on your family as we perform the work. We can also make changeovers to other hot water heating systems, such as switching from an aging solar hot water heating system and using a hybrid hot water heater to efficiently supply your family’s hot water instead. Even for tank-based traditional systems, we can add additional units or increase the size of the unit’s tank to prove a greater reserve for larger families and others who tend to deplete the unit’s current capacity.

Tankless Heaters as Supplemental and Localized Water Heaters

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that your main water heater be set at 120 degrees, both for energy savings and because there are many people in a typical home such as seniors or young children who can be scalded by tap water without realizing it. By keeping the temperature down, everyone stays safe. But showers, kitchen cleanup, and other applications could benefit from hotter water that helps with good hygiene. For these cases, we can install small inline tankless water heaters nearby that provide hotter water for specific uses. They have the added benefit of providing quick hot water, wherein in larger homes it can take a while for hot water to wander up from the heating unit in the basement.

Your Expert Water Heater Repair Provider for the Las Vegas, NV Area

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