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Water Line Repair: Common Issues And Their Remedies | Henderson, NV

Homeowners deal with different types of plumbing problems, from small issues, such as dripping faucets, to complicated failures like clogged sewer lines. Sometimes, there can be a serious pipe leak that stains the walls and ruins their structural integrity. Your plumbing technician will employ different methods when handling a water line repair job.

This article discusses some of the common plumbing issues that residential and commercial property owners deal with [and some you might have to handle in the future]. We also discuss some of the maintenance techniques that your plumber might use when doing a water line repair. But before that, let us first try and understand the two parts of plumbing systems.

Understanding Plumbing Systems

Most plumbing connections consist of a supply-side, which transports water from the central municipality supply lines to your property. It features an elaborate system of non-toxic pipes that can withstand high-pressure flow. The other side is the drainage conduit system that carries wastewater, usually under low pressure.

Professional plumbers use different techniques to connect the water lines. They include solvent welding, soldering, or compression joints. If any of the joints should loosen or deteriorate prematurely, you’ll start noticing leaks. No need to say you’ll need the expertise of an experienced plumbing contractor to do water line repair.

Usual Plumbing Issues and How to Solve Them

1. Leaks

There are many causes of leakages within your plumbing system. A pipe can freeze and burst, causing water to ooze out. Other causes include a worn-out plastic tube or a failed pipe joint. When that happens on the supply side, water jets out under high pressure, resulting in flooding and property damage. When you notice such an issue, you need to call a professional plumbing technician to handle the water line repair as soon as possible.

To efficiently handle the repair, a professional plumber usually cuts off the water supply in the affected section and drain off the water. It is a complicated procedure that takes time and money because water supply lines are usually located deep into the walls and underfloor. Accessing them may be challenging, which calls for the expertise and equipment from a qualified and seasoned Henderson, NV technician. Why? Because a trained and certified plumber will adhere to the standard procedures for water line repair, alleviating risks, such as fires when heat smoldering is required.

2. Clogged Drains and Toilets

Ever noticed water backing up after pouring it in the sink or water filling up [and even overflowing] the toilet bowl after flushing? The only means of doing a repair is to contact a plumber to clear the blockage in the drains or the toilet.

Clogs in the drains are caused when solid materials block the flow partially or entirely. Some examples of items that can block your sink or shower drain include hair strings, shampoo lids, or other smaller objects. On the other hand, toilet clogs are caused by flushing insoluble organic and inorganic substances down the toilet bowl. That may be polythene or a plastic bag, tissue paper, among others.

It is critical to let professional plumbers handle the water drain repair because they can provide long-lasting solutions to the problem. Sometimes you can manage to unclog the drains through a DIY approach, only for it to reoccur, ultimately consuming more of your precious time and money. An expert technician has the know-how on how to solve the problem to prevent future occurrences.

The plumber will typically use a plunger to rid the drains or the toilet of the blockage. A plunger helps to unblock drainage pipes using air pressure to create a suction force that draws the blockage close enough for easy removal. In case that approach does not work, a qualified plumber will use chemical drain cleaning. They have powerful and eco-friendly chemical products that enable them to efficiently and effectively unblock your drains.

3. Plumbing Component Malfunction

Your residential plumbing system supplies water to different home fixtures, including sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and landscape irrigation networks. If any of these fixtures should develop a problem, it may harm the efficiency and pressure in the pipes. The common issues with plumbing fixtures are toilet issues and dripping faucets, mostly caused by worn-out washers and cartridges.

In the toilet, the common problem occurs in the water tank or cistern. A corroded flap-valve or float valve can cause a plumbing issue. Once you inform a professional plumber of the problem, s/he can quickly perform the water line repair without causing a disturbance in your property.

4. Water Heater Problems

Ever gone to the shower to take a hot bath only to be doused by cold water? Sometimes you go to the shower, but the water is discolored or just dripping. All these are red flags that the water heater has a problem. Unlike other water line repair projects, water heater issues are best handled by a professional. They understand the nature of the project and adhere to safety codes to alleviate any potential danger.

Leaks can cause water heater issues, especially when you don’t get enough hot water. Sometimes it can be the build-up of sediments and minerals in the heater. The irritating noise coming from the water heater is likely because the heating system may cause sediments to explode.

Always call a qualified plumber in Henderson, NV when you have water heater problems. A professional will conduct the necessary procedures to assess the situation, checking the pilot light, thermostat, and valves. An expert contractor has technologically-updated equipment that can quickly flush out the minerals. If the plumber can’t fix it with standard water line repair procedures, he will be compelled to replace the water heater. Remember, danger lurks around water heater repairs. A lot of time and experience and the right tools are required to fix complex issues. Never attempt to handle repairs connected to the water heater. It saves you time, money and prevents potential injuries.

Plumbing issues can occur at any time. When that happens, you need to have a professional plumber at your corner. For more information about our water line repair services, visit our website or call Craig’s Plumbing us today!