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What Water Heater Replacement Is Best For You? | North Las Vegas, NV

Imagine waking up to no hot water. Well, that is the reality for a lot of people. If this happens to you will need to call a plumber for urgent water heater replacement or repair service. Hiring a professional plumber to get to the root of the problem will help you identify the exact issue and solve it.

How Does it Work?

Water heaters are intricate appliances that require regular maintenance. If on the component of your water heater were to fail, your entire system could be in jeopardy. Water heaters have an average life span of about 9 years. That’s not a long time. To help maintain and promote longevity in your water heater you must acquire regular maintenance from an experienced plumbing technician. If your water heater is starting to malfunction you will need to contact a local plumber for assistance. If you’re in need of water heater replacement or repair, contact Craig’s Plumbing for assistance.

Water heaters thermostats are actually controlled but the water inside of the tank. Once the water in the tank reaches a certain temperature it begins the process of dispersing the water into the home. Water temperatures are supposed to be between 120- and 180-degrees Fahrenheit. The recommended temperature is between 120 and 140 degrees. If you are unable to hold your hand under the water for 10 full seconds It may be too hot. If the temperature isn’t being regulated as it should or is too hot you can have a local plumber help you adjust the temperature. If the temperature cannot be adjusted by the temperature valve you need to contact Craig’s Plumbing company for replacement or repair.

A water heater consists of various working parts that must be well maintained in order to ensure your water heater is working efficiently. The tank in a water heater is probably the most important component to the water heater. The tank consists of an inner and outer shell. The inner tank is meant to hold the water. If the tank springs a leak, there is no way or repairing it, you will need to contact a plumber for a water heater replacement.

The tank is covered by an insulating material that is meant to act as a second barrier if the take holding the water cracks. If the tank simply cracks and does not break this barrier, you may be able to simply repair your water heater instead of having to totally replace it.

Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off valve is a very important component to your water heater. If your water heater ever malfunctions, you may need to use the shut-off valve to stop the water flow going into the heater. You should actually have a shut-off valve that leads to the main water line as well.

The shut-off valve is separate from the water heater appliance itself. It can usually be found above the water heater unit.


The water heater also consists of a thermostat. The thermostat is what controls the water heater. If your thermostat is out of whack, it could affect the temperature of your water heater. This can be a potentially serious problem. The possible side effects of this include little to no hot water or hot water that is scolding. Either way, you should contact a plumber for immediate water heater replacement or repair. Your thermostat needs to be working properly for your water heater to run efficiently.

Fixing and or replacing your thermostat is easy for a professional. However, fixing your thermostat issue could be deeper than the thermostat itself. If the thermostat is malfunctioning due to another factor related to your water heater, you will need to contact a local trusted plumber to inspect and fix it for you. If you live in North Las Vegas, NV, then Craig’s Plumbing is the local plumber for you. They offer a variety of plumbing services including water heater replacement and repair. Craig’s Plumbing technicians are well versed on how to fix and repair plumbing systems and can help you fix yours.

Types of Water Heaters

If your water heater isn’t working efficiently, it could just mean, it has reached the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, the only easy way to make your water heater run more efficiently is to replace it. Water heater replacement can benefit you and your property in more ways than one. The number one benefit is more efficient plumbing and another benefit is a property value increase. Replacing your water heater with a better-suited water heater for your property will help you save money on energy and repair costs. To decide which water heater would be best for you contact Craig’s Plumbing if you live in North Las Vegas, NV.


The water heater you probably have in your basement is probably considered a conventional one. Conventional water heaters are the most common and popular kinds of water heaters. Conventional water heaters are also known as a storage-tank water heater because it requires the appliance to have a tank, in order to store all of the hot water. These water heaters require regular maintenance due to the mechanisms the conventional water heater uses in order to provide hot water. Storage tank water heaters usually have to be flushed in order to remove sediment build-up that occurs over time. The sediment build-up is one of the main causes of tank leaks and premature water heater replacement.


Tankless water heaters are a more modern type of water heater that does not require a tank to store the hot water. Tankless water heaters are somewhat more efficient than conventional ones due to the constant, nearly never-ending supply of hot water. Tankless water heaters have adapted the nickname on-demand water heaters because of the continuous stream of hot water you can receive from this modern and efficient water heating unit.

There are many other types of water heaters. Heater pump water heaters are considered a hybrid. They work with electricity. Solar water heaters are powered by solar panels. No matter your lifestyle, there is a water heater that will work well for you and your family. Contact a water heater replacement repair services for a consultation. Craig’s Plumbing is an experienced and knowledgeable water heater replacement company that can help you decide what water heater would be best for your household.