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When To Have A Plumber Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink | Las Vegas, NV

If you’re like most people, your kitchen sink is one of the busiest places in your home. It’s used every day for dishes, food prep, and other tasks. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure it is in good condition and performing at its best. Unfortunately, few people think about their kitchen sinks. A new sink can improve the look of your kitchen and make it more functional. So when is it time to upgrade to a newer model? Here are some signs that you need to call a plumber to upgrade.

9 Signs You Need a Plumber to Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

Your Kitchen Sink is Leaking

One of the most obvious signs that you need a new sink is if it’s leaking. A leaking kitchen sink is not only annoying, but it can also cause extensive damage to your home. When a leaky sink is ignored, it can result in mold growth, water damage, and other costly repairs. Therefore, contact a plumber for a new sink when you notice that your sink is leaking despite repeated repairs.

Your Kitchen Sink is Rusty

Another sign that it might be time for a kitchen sink upgrade is if your sink is rusty. Rusty sinks are a sign that the finish on the sink is wearing off, and the rust will continue to spread over time. A rusty sink can not only make your kitchen look unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Rust can flake off and contaminate food or water, leading to health problems. If you have a rust problem, it’s best to replace your sink as soon as possible. Hire a professional to help you choose a new sink that will compliment your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Sink is Clogged

clogged kitchen sink can be a real inconvenience. Not only does it make dishwashing and food prep difficult, but it can also lead to water damage in your home. If your sink is constantly getting clogged, it might be time to upgrade to a new one. A new sink will have better drainage and be less likely to get clogged. Contact a plumber today to discuss your options.

You Want to Change the Look of Your Kitchen

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or want to change the look of your kitchen, a new sink can be a great way to do it. There are many different styles and materials to choose from, so you can find a sink that will perfectly match your kitchen’s aesthetic. To ensure you get one that perfectly matches your kitchen and love, engage a plumber for advice. They are experts in all plumbing areas and will prove valuable in choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your home.

Your Kitchen Sink is Cracked

If your sink is cracked, it’s time for an upgrade. A cracked sink can not only be dangerous, but it can also lead to water damage in your kitchen. A cracked or chipped sink can easily harbor bacteria, leading to food poisoning or other health problems. If you’re unsure if your sink is cracked, place a few drops of water on the surface. If the water beads up and doesn’t soak in, then your sink is likely cracked. Contact a plumber in Las Vegas, NV, to get a new sink as soon as possible.

Your Kitchen Sink is Stained or Scratched

Another sign that you might need a new kitchen sink is if it’s stained or scratched. Stains and scratches can make your kitchen look unsightly. Over time, the stains and scratches will become more visible and challenging to remove. Therefore, if your sink is stained, it’s best to replace it rather than try to clean it. A new sink will not only look better but also last longer. Contact a professional plumber to help you find the perfect one that won’t stain or scratch easily.

You’re Having Difficulty Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink

If you’re struggling to keep your kitchen sink clean, it might be time for a new one. Some sinks are difficult to clean due to their material or design. For example, if your sink is made of porcelain, it will likely show stains and water spots more easily than other materials. In this case, consider switching to a stainless steel sink, which is easier to clean and maintain. If you’re having difficulty cleaning your kitchen sink, consult a plumber for advice on the best material for your needs. They can help you find a sink that is both easy to clean and stylish.

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Sink Size

If you’ve outgrown your current sink size, it might be time for an upgrade. A small sink can make dishwashing and food prep difficult, especially if you have a large family or do a lot of cooking. Some signs that you might need a larger sink size are if you frequently find yourself struggling to fit all of your dishes in the sink at once or if you have to clean the overflow drain constantly. A plumber can help you choose a larger sink perfect for your needs.

The Faucet is Outdated or Doesn’t Function Properly

There are significant advancements in the plumbing industry, and the faucet is one of them. If you have an outdated or dysfunctional faucet, it might be time for a kitchen sink upgrade. Outdated faucets can also leak water, leading to water damage in your kitchen.

Smart touchless faucets are now available that can make your life easier. A sensor activates these faucets, so you don’t have to touch them to turn them on or off. This can help prevent the spread of germs in your kitchen. These faucets can also help you save water, which is great for the environment. Consult a plumber for advice if you’re interested in upgrading to a smart touchless faucet. They can help you find the perfect faucet for your kitchen.

Hire Craig’s Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV For Kitchen Sink Upgrade

A kitchen sink is a major appliance in your home and should be chosen with care. If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen sink in Las Vegas, NV, contact Craig’s Plumbing for assistance. We are experts in all areas of plumbing and can help you find the perfect sink for your needs. We also offer installation services to ensure your new sink is installed correctly and safely. We also provide free estimates on all of our services. Contact us today to get started!