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When Your Water Heater Repair Is More Advanced | Las Vegas, NV

At Craig’s Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV, we’re installing and servicing more advanced hot water heaters these days, units that meet our customers’ needs from better hot water supply to increased energy efficiency. Our team provides water heater repairs and maintenance to a wide variety of systems that provide hot water, and our training and experience is constantly expanding our capabilities. If you’re considering a replacement water heater that’s beyond the traditional, you can still turn to us for the careful, reliable service and water heater repair that we have been providing in the Las Vegas, NV area since 1997. If you’re considering an upgrade as your current water heater reaches the end of its life or energy efficiency makes a new unit an attractive option, we’re ready to provide units and professional installation as well.

What Kinds of Advanced Water Heaters are Homeowners Turning To These Days?

Recently, many families have spent more time at home together and their hot water usage has risen accordingly. That may be part of why people are considering graduating from a 40 gallon tank to a 50 or 55 gallon hot water heater or even a tankless system that supplies hot water on demand and doesn’t run out and have to re-heat. These tankless units are rated at gallons per minute, so buyers will choose them based on their peak demand. Hybrid hot water heaters use heat pump technology instead of electric or gas heating elements and use significantly less energy since they’re capturing heat from the surrounding air or the ground. There are other technologies such as solar hot water and condensing hot water heaters that recapture heating system exhaust gases that are not nearly as common but meet some homeowners’ needs. Each of these water heater types requires some specialized knowledge for water heater repair and maintenance technicians, and our experienced professional plumbers are already working with many of them in customers’ homes.

How Are Changes in Hot Water Heaters Affecting Repairs and Lifespan?

Newer hot water heater models are getting more attention to tank life and energy use, in part because of U.S. Federal government requirements for energy efficiency. In some cases, tanks are lined with materials like porcelain enamel that don’t corrode as older tanks do, but in the end, the weakest link that drives replacement will be any remaining exposed metal that corrodes and leaks. A heat pump-based system requires fewer water heater repair and maintenance visits because of the technologies used but should get a professional inspection every few years to ensure it’s operating smoothly. Heat pump-based systems tend to cost more to install, and last not quite as long as conventionally heated units, though. One problem that tank-based water heaters have in common is the potential for water damage in the surrounding area, and the bulky tank can consume space in a home at a time when real estate costs are rising. Tankless water heaters are good answers to those, with high installation costs but easily serviceable with replacement parts to bring their lifespan out to as much as 20 years. Routine tankless water heater maintenance is usually much simpler than tank-based units, too.

Advanced Models with Traditional Water Heater Functionality

Some of the prominent brands that manufacture water heaters have developed units that employ electric, gas, or hybrid heating sources but include control features that maximize energy efficiency and other design features to address water leak problems and even easy vacation idle modes. Homeowners may be familiar with the advanced thermostat control systems available for their home’s HVAC system, which uses “intelligent” energy use predictions to adapt operation to meet the family’s needs, solar energy input to the home, and other coordinated factors. These water heater units adapt to changing hot water demand and keep energy use to a minimum in a number of ways. One challenge for the water heater repair technician is diagnosing problems with such a dynamic system — but the control system typically includes a diagnostic feature as well.

Incorporating Localized Tankless Water Heating Technology to Supplement a Centralized Water Heater

One solution that has been in place for years is the localized use of tankless water heaters to provide instant hot water at the desired temperature for kitchen and bathroom use. This can provide an effect similar to the “zone” HVAC concept, where the main hot water heating system doesn’t have to meet peak loads throughout the house. These units generally require very little water heater repair and maintenance and have limited energy use. When it’s time to wash dishes in the kitchen or take a nice hot shower in the master bedroom, the localized water heater boosts the water to the desired temperature for nice steamy showers and excellent kitchen hygiene. For appliances and general use throughout the home, regular hot water supplies can be used at the EPA-recommended 120 degrees F for efficiency and also safe for children and seniors at risk of accidental scalding.

The Advantages of Water Heater Repairs and Installation by an Experienced, Licensed Plumber

With every water heater repair and maintenance visit, our team keeps a careful eye on your hot water system and its overall condition, identifying issues. When it’s time to replace your current water heater, we can also work with you to modify your plumbing, gas, and electricity to suit the new unit, whether it’s a larger one, a tankless one, a change in energy source, or even a relocation.

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Our team of experts responds to calls from older Las Vegas, NV homes and modern construction with the latest technology-driven systems. From water heater repair to smart faucets and advanced bathroom features, we take care of your plumbing needs with care and attention to your family’s comfort. Call us at Craig’s Plumbing for scheduled repairs, updates, and fast emergency plumbing response 24/7.