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7 Essential Characteristics That All Plumbers Must Have | Plumber in North Las Vegas, NV

Photo By kurhan at Shutterstock Plumbers are an important part of our community. They help us by solving our major household issues like clogged drains, broken pipes, leaky faucets, etc. These issues can turn into a big problem if not fixed on time. Plumbing issues are very common in every household, which is why finding

Photo By A. and I. Kruk at Shutterstock Of all the DIY jobs, plumbing is one of the main things that most homeowners prefer to handle on their own. People often argue that calling a plumber in Las Vegas, NV is expensive, and it must only be done when the situation gets out of control. One

Plumbing is something we use every day, but most of us don’t think much about it. The more you learn about plumbing, the more you will probably realize how bizarre it really is. In fact, there are actually many weird plumbing facts that you may be surprised to know.

Clark County is known for its dry, aired climate.  Because of the intense heat during the summer months, selecting a the right kind of plumbing is more important than one might first imagine.  There are several options available, but here is some information to help you select the best piping for Clark County. Copper Pipes

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is regarded as one of the biggest revolutions in the plumbing industry. Its unique properties continuously challenges traditional plumbing materials like copper in terms of cost, ease of installation, and flexibility. PEX tubes are commonly manufactured by extrusion resulting in flexible pipes which can be shipped and stored in spools effectively

If you live in Las Vegas or Clark County, you may have noticed spots on your drinking glasses or a stiffer feel to your washed clothes. Why? Las Vegas and Clark County have what’s called hard water. The Las Vegas Water District has a rate of 16 grains per gallon, which means that they’re in

Plumbing pipes come in a wide array of types that can cater to the needs and demands of any home. Different materials have different pros and cons in terms of cost, environment friendliness, and overall function. Below is a short guide for choosing the right pipes that will suit your needs: Copper Pipes Plumbers have

Water hammer is a hydraulic phenomenon that is caused by a sudden change in the velocity of the water. This happens when there is excessive building water pressure, there is poorly supported water supply piping, when certain fixture valves and controls may be prone to causing water hammer as they shut off high velocity flow

Pursuing a career as a professional plumber can be profitable and rewarding. There are always households, corporate spaces, establishments, and healthcare centers that are in need of the services of a plumber. Becoming a plumber begins with apprenticeship. Here are the four steps to take to become a full-fledged plumber: STEP ONE: Secure a High



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