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Gas Leak Detection

We offer gas line leak detection and inspections in Las Vegas as part of our normal services because we know that any gas leak, of any amount, is a danger to safety and efficiency. Natural gas provides us the opportunity to heat, cool and use many of the appliances in our homes in the cleanest, most efficient and inexpensive way possible. Much of that efficiency and cost savings is lost with a gas pipe leak. Leaks in places where we spend a lot of time are the easiest to detect. It’s that pungent sulfur/rotten egg smell that we all know. You may not realize it, but gas does not smell like that naturally. That rotten egg smell is purposely mixed with gas to give it a distinctive smell as a warning of a leak. Gas is actually odorless otherwise, as well as invisible, making it even harder to detect. So if you smell it, and you know there aren’t rotting eggs in the garbage, and you haven’t been spreading sulfur around the kitchen, quickly get everyone outside and call 9-1-1 for assistance.

But not all gas leaks are easily detected by it’s smell. There are many areas like a furnace room, or the gas piping behind the walls and under the floors, that we aren’t close enough to, or around enough to easily smell any potential gas line leaks, especially if it’s a small gas leak. Your outdoor grill is another leak point that is hard to detect because the fumes will float away with the wind. If left unchecked and not repaired, these small leaks can become bigger leaks over time and pose much more serious consequences.

Gas Line Leak Inspections

During a gas line leak test our inspectors will use instruments that identify leaks at their source, including those small hidden leaks in the areas that are out of sight. Although most of these leaks are small, they can get bigger over time and find their way into the air you breathe, so any gas line leak detected should be repaired right away.