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Gas Line

Gas Line Repairs Are Not DIY

Gas line repairs are not one of the typical do-it-yourself home repairs. With a flammable gas involved, caution and safety are paramount. You should always have a certified professional perform any gas piping repairs in and around your home to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

What to do if you smell a gas leak:

Natural Gas itself is invisible and odorless, so that sulfur or rotten egg smell you get from gas is actually added on purpose as an indicator of a leak.

Benefits of Maintaining and Installing Natural Gas Pipes

Cost –

According to the Department of Energy (DOE) Natural Gas is one-quarter the cost of electricity on average, and costs less than heating oil or propane.

Environment –

Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning fossil fuel

Consistency –

Gas will not turn off when the electricity goes out

Versatility –

Many of your home’s big energy consumers can be run with gas. This includes heating and cooling, stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryer, outdoor grills and even fire pits.

Since gas is so efficient and versatile in the home, with many of the larger appliances as well as heating and cooling systems being able to run on gas, the more items you have connected and using gas, the more money you’ll save overall. This also means you save the maximum amount of money and run most efficiently when any gas line leaks are repaired right away.