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Grease Traps And Liquid Waste Pumps

Grease Traps and Liquid Waste Pumps

Two areas of the septic system no property owner wants to deal with are grease traps and liquid waste pumps. Both of these components are immensely important to the health of a commercial system and require routine cleaning and waste hauling. Craig’s Plumbing can professionally and effectively clear out grease traps and remove liquid waste from septic tanks, catch basins, and other liquid waste receptacles.

The Importance of Proper Liquid Waste Removal

The average restaurant relies heavily on grease traps to keep a kitchen functioning. Grease traps need to be able to collect animal fats and vegetable oils as kitchen wastewater runs through the pipes. Otherwise, grease will build up and clog the restaurant’s lines. Craig’s Plumbing recommends setting up a regular preventative maintenance schedule to ensure the long-lasting health of your grease trap system. We’ll come to your location at a time that’s convenient for your business and provide high-quality commercial grease trap pumping services.

The proper disposal of liquid waste at accredited facilities is important to the health of our planet and the success of your business. Craig’s Plumbing is certified and fully licensed to clean grease traps and liquid waste pumps in Las Vegas. Whether you need these services for a small, single building or multiple business locations, we have the tools necessary to get the job done right. If you have an emergency grease trap or liquid waste situation on your hands and need immediate services, we’ll be at your door as soon as you call.

Waste Pumping and Hauling at Your Convenience

Your business needs a reliable plumbing contractor to provide expert services such as cleaning your grease traps and pumping your liquid waste. Craig’s Plumbing can efficiently pump, vacuum, and haul your grease, liquid waste, and sludge from your property at your convenience. We know that you have a tight schedule that operates around your customers, so we’ll schedule your appointment based on your individual needs. Whether you want a money-saving preventative maintenance schedule or a one-time emergency pump, contact our team for a free estimate.