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Kitchen Plumbing Remodel

At Craig’s Plumbing, our reputation in the Las Vegas, NV area as an exceptional plumbing company is the result of 20 years’ worth of outstanding work. As a family-owned-and-operated enterprise, we stand by our work and prioritize customer satisfaction. When it comes to kitchen plumbing remodels, this translates into superb craftsmanship.

Get the Kitchen Plumbing Upgrades You Deserve

Kitchen plumbing remodel is more fun than it may sound. Craig’s Plumbing not only handles your plumbing’s infrastructure, but also kitchen islands and updated appliances. With help from our expert staff, you’re free to design the kitchen of your dreams, outfitted with the latest plumbing solutions. The best time for multiple upgrades or a major plumbing revamping is when you have your kitchen’s plumbing exposed during a remodel. During a remodel, we can install new:

With our team’s tools and capabilities, the sky’s the limit for your kitchen plumbing remodel. We use the latest technologies and techniques to quickly and efficiently install the new pieces of equipment you want in your ideal kitchen. Whether you’re tired of cheaper fixtures and want to finally invest in the upgrades you deserve, or realize that it’s time for a plumbing remodel in your older home, trust Craig’s Plumbing.

Advantages of a Quality Kitchen Plumbing Remodel

Choosing to remodel your kitchen’s plumbing is the best way to avoid major problems in the future, such as a broken water line, leaking dishwasher, or malfunctioning garbage disposal. Living with plumbing issues in your kitchen can lead to damaging water leaks and hazardous food situations. Foods stuck in your garbage disposal or dirty kitchen water backing up into your sink, for example, create unsanitary situations.
The kitchen is the heart of any home. Make your kitchen an attractive and cleanly hub with modern appliance upgrades, old piping replacement, and additions that you’ve always wanted. Contact Craig’s Plumbing for kitchen system remodels that you can enjoy with friends and family for years to come.