Leaking Faucet Repairs

A leaking faucet in the dry Las Vegas region is a harmful and expensive waste of water. Many home and business owners underestimate the cost of a leaking faucet, finding it more of a nuisance than anything else. A single leaking faucet, however, can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. A leaking faucet can also be a sign of bigger plumbing issues—a recipe for disaster if you don’t detect the problem on time and schedule a repair. Major plumbing leaks can lead to mildew growth, cracked foundations, and structural damages.

How to Detect a Leaking Faucet

The most common sign of a leaking faucet is a sudden or unusual spike in your water bill. When a plumbing system springs even a small leak, the water loss can equate to extra charges on your monthly utility bills. Leaking faucet repairs are one of the many areas of expertise at Craig’s Plumbing in Las Vegas. Other signs that you have a leaking faucet include:

  • Dripping or running water when not in use
  • Musty odors near drains or sewers
  • Stains on the inside of your sink
  • Other plumbing problems, such as sewer backups

Signs that point to a larger plumbing leak include discolored walls, moisture or mildew buildup under carpets, or a suddenly wet yard. If you see any signs of a plumbing leak, contact a plumber right away. A leak can seriously damage your property, leading to dangerous mold growth and foundational issues. At Craig’s Plumbing, we use high-tech leak detection equipment to locate the exact source of a plumbing leak.

The Importance of Leaking Faucet Repairs

You may not think that a leaking faucet is a cause for concern and immediate action, but the experts at Craig’s Plumbing in Las Vegas will tell you otherwise. If you want to avoid larger water bills, a stained sink, and mildew issues, you’ll be proactive about leaking faucet repairs. If you experience an unexplained increase in your water bill, schedule a visit with a professional plumbing company.

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