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Natural Gas Piping Installation and Repair

Certified PlumberInstalling natural gas piping is a fantastic way to maintain comfort in your home, and it helps the environment. Natural gas heats water faster and keeps it hot longer during baths and showers. The heat also stays in your home longer, and it lets you cook like a pro. On top of these advantages, it’s also cheaper and saves energy. Natural gas may sound too good to be true, but Craig’s Plumbing can make it a reality in your home at your earliest convenience.

Benefits of Natural Gas Piping

Natural gas piping has many benefits, but switching away from natural gas may be the best option for certain households. If you’re considering a natural gas piping installation, here’s what to expect:
Best energy value

Natural gas is the most economical way to heat your water, dry your clothes, and cook your food. You’ll enjoy lower energy bills when you switch to natural gas piping.

Natural gas appliances are more environmentally friendly than coal, decreasing your home’s carbon footprint and its impact on the ecosystem

Sustainable living has never been so affordable or attainable.

If your home or business has natural gas piping and you wish to have it removed, Craig’s Plumbing can do this as well. We can safely and efficiently remove abandoned natural gas piping from your property, installing the piping of your choice in its place. No matter what type of system you desire, we have the tools to install it.

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Natural Gas Piping Needs

Whether you want natural gas piping installation, hookup, or removal, Craig’s Plumbing can make it happen. As a full-service plumbing contractor in Las Vegas, we’re fully licensed and qualified to perform a range of piping services. We can re-pipe your entire home on your timeframe, giving you a free price estimate up front to avoid surprise costs. Then, we’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions about your pipes that you may have. Once we complete the service, you’ll enjoy an optimized system for years to come