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Your garbage disposal is an integral part of your kitchen’s waste management system—but is yours operating efficiently? While garbage disposals are a great convenience, yours may be racking up energy bills unnecessarily. If your garbage disposal clogs frequently, gives off a bad odor, has dull blades, or has a difficult leak, it may be time for garbage disposal replacement.

A broken garbage disposal may spring a leak, collect rotten food in its components, or contribute to sink clogs. Garbage disposal replacement is often the best option if you experience certain issues with your appliance.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Certified PlumberThe garbage disposal has a tough job. It uses an electric, high-torque motor and metal grinders to chop food into small enough bits to pass through the plumbing system. Garbage disposals have lots of moving pieces that must work together seamlessly. Throw water into the mix, and you have an appliance that’s susceptible to a variety of problems. Common issues you may experience with your garbage disposal include:

  • Clogged or blocked disposal. Slow draining is commonly the result of improper food disposal. You may have a clogged drain line.
  • Leaking disposal. A leak may come from many places in the garbage disposal, from the bolts to the drainpipe.
  • Disposal won’t turn on. This may be an electrical issue, a faulty switch, or a broken disposal.
  • Disposal won’t run. If your disposal will turn on (you can hear the humming sound) but the pieces don’t rotate, you may have a stuck flywheel. Call a repairman to fix a stuck flywheel safely.

While you can prevent some garbage disposal problems through proper waste disposal and maintenance, sometimes a garbage disposal is simply beyond repair. If you’re experiencing issues such as a foul smell you can’t get rid of or a clogged disposal, contact Craig’s Plumbing for a free repair estimate. Replacing a broken, outdated, or inefficient garbage disposal can boost your home’s cleanliness, convenience, and energy savings.

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