Tub and Shower Basin Replacements in Las Vegas

Replacing your tub or shower basins is one of the best home remodeling decisions you can make. Over time, tub and shower basins collect stains and lower the value of your home. Upgrading to a new tub or shower basin will give your bathrooms a clean, modernized look that will impress guests and homebuyers. If you’re considering tub and shower basin replacements, here are Craig’s Plumbing’s top tips.

Explore Your Tub and Shower Basin Replacement Options

You may have exactly what you want in mind, or you may be open to new ideas. Either way, do your research before choosing your tub and shower basin replacements. There are a plethora of basin options for the modern tub and shower. Consider the material, color, look, feel, and performance of a new basin before paying for the install. Your basin must protect your flooring from water and moisture, but the rest is up to you:

  • Basins can be square, corner, or rectangular configurations. Select a basin with a drain hole that matches the location of your existing drain to avoid plumbing relocation.
  • Basins come in plastic, polymer, terrazzo, and other materials.
  • Some basins have lower lips, ideal for individuals with special needs. Others have non-slip patterns for greater shower and bath safety.

Always call a professional to replace your tub and shower basins, as it requires exact measurements and careful installation to work efficiently. Picking the wrong basin for your space or a poor installation can lead to water leaks and structural damage surrounding your shower or bathtub.

Choose Your Company Wisely

Not every plumbing company offers the same variety of choices and high-quality installation services. When selecting the company to replace your tub and shower basins, shop around for the best local plumbers with adequate training and tools to perform the replacement quickly and professionally. In Las Vegas, Craig’s Plumbing has a reputation as a top full-service plumber. We’ll perform your tub and shower basin replacement efficiently, keeping you in the loop the entire time.

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