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Simple Ways to Cut Your Water Bill

Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth. Sometimes, it can also be one of the most expensive especially if homeowners are responsible with their water use. Here are some easy tricks to lessen your monthly water bill: – Traditional showers use up to four gallons of water per minute. Encourage family members … Read More >

How to Choose the Right Portable Heater

As temperatures begin to drop signaling the arrival of autumn and eventually winter, homeowners may be looking for ways to keep their homes toasty warm. There are available portable heaters than can warm up virtually any room in any house. Below is a simple hide on how to choose the right one for you: Look … Read More >

Nevada Smarter Greener Better Solar Water Heating Program

Southwest Gas’ Nevada Smarter Greener Better Solar Water Heating Program is a rebate granting initiative that seeks to provide incentives to Nevada customers who install solar water heating systems with a natural gas back-up. It seeks to promote the following benefits of solar water heating systems: Reduce the cost of heating water in half Generate … Read More >

Craig the Plumber’s Water Conservation Tips

Saving Water in Southern Nevada In this desert region Las Vegas calls home, we all know the importance of conserving water. Not only does it save this precious resource, it also helps save money. According to the latest reports from the Southern Nevada Water Authority, a water crisis may be just around the corner, and … Read More >