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Upgrade Your Toilet

You hear a strange noise coming from your bathroom and open the door to find water all over the floor and the toilet constantly running. You have tried to combat this recurring problem with plungers and store bought solutions, but the time has come to rectify it once and for all. Now the question is who do you trust to replace your throne.

New Toilet Replacement – Water Efficient & Stylish

We at Craig’s Plumbing understand your frustration and will help fix your toilet. Our fast, friendly and knowledgeable plumbers will have you back in business with the best prices and service the industry has to offer. Regardless of whether you have a home or business anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley, we will complete your toilet upgrade immediately. From installation, to repair and replacement of all your toilets, you can rest assured we will take care of it at a reasonable price.

Let Craig’s Plumbing be there for you and upgrade your toilet to a new flow water (or even dual flush), quiet flushing toilet that will bring value to your home and take stress out of your life. Some of today’s more efficient products can save Las Vegas homeowners a bundle in energy costs. While toilet upgrades are not the most glamorous home improvement project out there, there are many benefits that replacing your toilet is going to offer you and your family.

Benefits of Replacing Your Toilet

Not only will a toilet replacement make any bathroom remodel visually complete, it will save you money on your utility bills. We all know that the Las Vegas Valley is suffering from a drought, and using a low flow toilet design can make sure that you reduce your water usage, which results in lowered water bills. No more jiggling handles, no more leaking seals. Your replacement toilet will be a top quality, low usage model that fits not only your decor, but your pocket book.

Newer Toilets are More Environmentally Safe

Newer toilets require far less water per flush than their predecessors. Ask us about our energy-efficient and water smart solutions to help reduce the impact on the environment!
Reasons to Replace Your Old Toilet