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3 Tips To Avoiding Restaurant Plumbing Nightmares

For over 30 years Craig’s Plumbing has been serving the commercial plumbing needs of the Las Vegas valley and strip hotels. Our vast experience has taught us what to and what not to do to avoid costly plumbing mistakes in your restaurant or hospitality business. Here are some of the
most common mistakes we suggest to avoid.

1. Not inspecting an existing kitchen.

Restauranteurs often choose a restaurant location based on the fact that a preexisting kitchen is built out. They see savings, but this isn’t always the case. Choosing a location because the kitchen is close to what you would have built is a great circumstance, but only if you are able to work with it as-is. To avoid having to replace a fair portion of the kitchen make sure to have an inspection performed not only to ensure there isn’t mold or other structural issues, but also to ensure that all electrical and plumbing fixtures work and that any equipment is suitable for use.

Signs of a flood, electrical issues and vulnerable or faulty equipment might not be apparent. The only sure way to know what existing problems are in your restaurant kitchen are to contact a qualified inspector.

2. Not Repairing or Replacing Equipment in a Timely Manner.

After an inspection, or during routine maintenance, make sure to heavily consider replacing and repairing outdated, worn, and older plumbing fixtures and equipment. Ask the technician their anticipation for how long the item will still hold out, if that timeline is significant, waiting to replace may be fine. If you do decide to wait, schedule the service for a time no more than necessary into the future. Make sure it is convenient, but note that waiting may cause an emergency situation, and those almost always happen at the worst time possible, so have a backup plan.

3. Choosing an Unqualified/Under Qualified Plumbing Contractor.

Not just for restaurants but for any business with a kitchen, you should have a qualified plumbing contractor scheduled to perform routine maintenance as well as emergency services. Routine maintenance will reduce the amount of plumbing problems you have in the future of your business. And when an emergency problem does happen, as they always do, having a contractor at your beck and call will certainly help make the problem resolve easier.

By contracting with a plumbing contractor that understands the specific needs of the restaurant industry you can rest assured that problems will be addressed and resolved completely and immediately. This is also the long-term cost-effective solution for your restaurant. Keeping your Las Vegas kitchen operational is mandatory to a successful business.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and highly qualified commercial plumbing company in Las Vegas, look no further than Craig’s Plumbing. We offer ongoing maintenance and service contracts as well as 24/7 emergency services to the entire valley.

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