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7 Costly Mistakes In Plumbing Makeovers

At Craig’s Plumbing we complete all types of plumbing projects and see construction in all phases of completion. Make sure your next plumbing project is completed without making these common costly mistakes, and contact us for your free estimate today.

1. Skimping on Skilled Labor

While you may be handy, taking the do-it-yourself approach to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen may be more costly than hiring a professional in the first place. Unless you have experience in plumbing remodeling, contacting a skilled, licensed plumber may save not only time and frustration, but also a lot of money. Nothing is more expensive than doing things twice.

2. Rushing the Process

Now that you have laborers completed, chances are you want it completed tomorrow. Planning the completion of your project properly can keep your costs on target, but poor planning is the number one reason most contractors go over budget. Your plumbing contractor should be involved in the planning
process to ensure that your are staying within the agreed budget.

3. Cutting the Wrong Corners

Materials and labor are most likely going to be the two largest costs for your plumbing project. Most hardware offers lifetime warranties, and there are large selections for affordable tiles. If you want to save on materials we suggest saving in light fixtures and going modest on your toilet or fixture finishes. They often outperform their more expensive designer counterparts.

4. Look Forward to Tomorrow

Make sure that you are planning your bathroom or kitchen remodel for the years to come. You may be the picture of great health today, but as you age, your
in-home needs will inevitably change. It’s worth looking at universal design basics during your planning phase to make sure that your remodel will suit you and your family for many years to come.

5. Consider Conservation

Conservation is on the mind of most Las Vegas plumbing contractors. The fixtures of today conserve more water than ever, and will continue to save you money for many years to come. Reduced usage means that water heaters and pipes may accommodate pressure, again saving you money when you replace

6. Review Materials Before Purchasing

Online deals for materials may be tempting, but buying materials twice can blow through your budget before you even get started. Take note of model numbers and go to a store that carries the same product. A hands on review of the product will ensure that it is the right product for your space.

7. Think About Storage & Vanity Space

While you might be going for a minimalist design, proper storage space will ensure that toiletries, towels, dishes, cookware, and other much needed
items are available. For bathroom vanities, make sure there is ample room for your grooming items and needs.

Remodeling on a Budget

At Craig’s Plumbing we work with budgets of all sizes to ensure that your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is completed at a price you can afford. Review these 7 costly mistakes of plumbing remodeling before your project starts, and you can stay on track. Contact us for your free estimate today, and you are sure to see why we are the premier plumbing company in Las Vegas.

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