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5 Plumber Tips For Soldering Copper Pipes And Fittings | Henderson, NV

When it comes to copper plumbing, many plumbers in Henderson, NV may need to get very hands-on and solder copper pipes and fittings together in order to get the right plumbing layout or system. Most professionals usually have taken some type of course that teaches them how to work with copper pipes and fittings. This isn’t something that your average Joe will know how to do. The plumbers will also be able to guarantee their work. As they are insured, if anything goes wrong, you’ll be covered.

Although the chances of you soldering copper pipes and fittings is not high, we’ve listed some tips below that may help your plumber. You can also watch your plumber as they work in order to see whether they are following any of these tips and tricks, as it is an indication of high-quality craftsmanship and work.

#1. Make Sure the End of Each Pipe Is Clean

Before a plumber should even attempt soldering any copper pipes and fittings, they must first clean the end of each pipe very thoroughly. The easiest way of doing so is by sanding it with an emery cloth. This is a type of cloth that has coated abrasives on one side. The cloth and abrasive have a stronger tension than sandpaper and are usually a finer grit, so they can get rid of any accumulates that have clung onto the surface of the pipes and fittings.

It’s important to clean the end of each pipe thoroughly in order to ensure that there’s no dirt and grease left on the surface, as this will prevent the solder from forming a good seal. A shoddy seal can result in future leaks and a need for more plumbing services and repairs. In worst-case scenarios, the leaks can cause significant water damage to the surrounding areas.

#2. Clean the Inside of Each Fitting

In order to ensure that everything attaches perfectly, the plumber should also clean the inside of each fitting. Although there are many different techniques, the most common one is to simply clean the fitting using some type of brush. They don’t really need to do a very thorough cleaning with any type of solution in order to get a good fit. This is a very small detail, but it can really tell you whether the plumbing company does detailed work or not.

A company that takes every effort to make sure that they do every little step right will usually be able to offer you a higher quality of work. Their work will usually last longer and will be able to offer more favorable results.

#3. Use the Right Type of Soldering Paste

Soldering paste looks like putty. It’s usually made up of some type of powder mixed in with some type of metal particles. It’s super sticky and will act as a temporary adhesive that holds everything in place while you solder the parts together.

There are many different types of soldering paste. The different types are compatible with different materials and metals and have their own unique advantages and drawbacks. Understanding the differences between each type of soldering paste can come in handy. For example, some of these pastes are water-soluble and need to be cleaned afterward. Others are more ideal for other metals like brass or contain some type of resin that will act as a protective coating.

The plumbing service should apply a thin layer of space to the end of each pipe using some type of flex brush. The paste should cover about an inch or so.

#4. Remove Excess Soldering Paste

Once everything has been applied properly, it’s crucial that the plumbing service take some time to remove any excess product that might have squeezed out or might be lingering around the joint. Usually, they want me to remove the excess paste using any special type of technique. They’ll be able to get away with wiping it off using a cloth.

You shouldn’t be able to see any excess product lingering on the outside of the piping or the fittings. If you can, it’s evidence of shoddy work.

#5. Heat the Area Evenly

It doesn’t take a professional to see whether a solder is done properly or not. One of the most important ways to ensure that everything is connected properly without any extra residues is to ensure that the area is heated evenly during the soldering process.

To do so, the plumber will need to make sure that they are using the right type of heat. The solder must be within a certain temperature range for high-quality results. On top of that, they must be using techniques to heat up everything evenly. In most cases, you’ll notice that they’ll be waving the torch back and forth very carefully.

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