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Tankless Water Heater Repair Issues In Local Homes | Las Vegas, NV

Tankless water heaters are convenient since they supply hot water only when it is required, and this feature makes them energy efficient, saving you from incurring water and electricity bills. Unlike standard water heaters, tankless water heaters are more durable. They can serve you and your family for more than 20 years.

Some of the reasons why homeowners may consider tankless water heaters include a limitless supply of hot water, lower energy bills, or extended shelf life. Just like any other plumbing fixture, tankless water heaters can also fail at some point, prompting you to look for a water heater repair specialist.

Although some of the issues can be addressed by a homeowner, most of them are difficult to determine their source. This is where a professional tankless water heater repair technician near Las Vegas, NV, homes. Here are some common problems you need repair solutions for your tankless water heater.

Mineral Build up

Depending on the company that supplies water to your home, you can be getting soft or hard water. Hard water contains some minerals, including Calcium and Magnesium. The minerals can accumulate on components of your tankless water heater, rendering it defective. As the appliance heats the water daily, minerals accumulate inside it.

If the problem is ignored, you may end up getting discolored water or foul-smelling water that can affect its quality, leading to digestive health conditions. It can also decrease the efficiency and the overall functionality of the tankless water heater. If your home is getting a supply of hard water, some of the best solutions is to change your water supplier or look for a water heater repair expert to add a water softener to your water heating system.

The professionals can also flush the water heater frequently to eliminate mineral build-up issues. For a successful water heater repair service, you should work with a knowledgeable technician from a reliable water heater company near Las Vegas, NV.

System Overload

Each tankless water heater is designed to accomplish water heating cycles to a certain limit based on the size of the household it serves and system quality. The system may be effective if you’re using not more than two taps at a time. However, if you run multiple hot water taps concurrently, the water heater may become overloaded and can even shut down.

It may also cause a hot water shortage, or the water heater may become overheated. If the system becomes overloaded, the issue can be solved by shutting down some of the taps or resetting the unit. To ensure you have access to adequate hot water, you can contact a water heater company to help you install a larger unit or an additional system.

As a homeowner, it’s also necessary to know the capacity of your water heater unit to avoid overloading and save you money on tankless water heater repair services, and a certified plumber can help you with that.

Ignition and Flame Failure

If you’re experiencing ignition or flame defects on your gas-powered tankless water heater, chances are you may not have hot water flow through your shower head or hot water faucets.

Some possible causes of ignition failure could be depleted gas supply or improperly opened water or gas valves. On the other hand, flame failure could arise from defective regulators, a narrow gas line, unsettled gas bills, or poor ventilation. Some homeowners may try to solve this by checking if the propane gas tank or gas or water valves to ensure they’re fully open and it’s not safe to do so since gas if handled carelessly can lead to house fires.

Additionally, electrical water heaters can also fail to start due to improper wiring, exposed wires, and damage by rodents. The best thing to do after realizing your heater fails to start is to request a water heater repair specialist to tackle the matter and perform the necessary repairs.

Exhaust or Air Blockage

Some tankless water heaters have automated features that enable them to identify a fault within the system by themselves. If the system isn’t acting right, you’ll get a notification of what’s not happening the right way within the system. The notification details could include a blocked exhaust.

Poorly installed tankless water heating systems should be reinstalled by proficient water heater repair experts in an open place to provide adequate fresh air and ensure proper ventilation when the system is running. If there’s exhaust blockage, the system may not get enough air required for proper water heating.

Putting the water system near some other objects may obstruct the air supply and can result in major issues such as fires. The area should also be free of birds, nests, wasps, or rodents to avoid air blockage and ensure good ventilation. You should consider talking to a water heater repair technician to inspect your unit and restore it back to full performance.

Cold Water Sandwich

At times while taking your hot shower in your Las Vegas, NV, home, you may experience shifts in water temperatures, from hot to cold and back to hot water. If this happens, your water heating unit could be having some issues. It happens especially in the shower when you go to bathe next in line after one of your family members has done so.

The system stops heating the water once you turn off your tap. The first drops of hot water are the remains of the first shower, then you may receive cold drops for a few seconds as the heater starts reheating the water. If that’s the case, you should let the shower run for a few minutes as the system ignites to heat the water. However, if you experience temperature fluctuations often even if no one has recently used the shower, then the water unit could be having a problem. You should seek help from a water heater repair expert in Vegas, NV, to troubleshoot the issue.

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