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5 Things To Do While Waiting For A Plumber | North Las Vegas, NV

Your drain is blocked or the toilet is backed up. A pipe might have burst and your home is flooding with water. You have to call your plumber but you are unsure of what to do while you wait for them to arrive. People tend to feel better about a situation when they can actively participate in making the situation more manageable. Craig’s Plumbing in North Las Vegas, NV has some tips that you could follow to make sure that you are doing all you can to ensure your health and safety as well as that of your home and family, while you are waiting for a professional plumber to arrive.

1. Turn the Water Off

The first step you should take when a pipe is leaking or it has but is to turn off the water. If it is a large leak with lots of water being wasted then turn the water off at the main supply immediately and then call your plumber. If you leave it for too long then your home will succumb to a lot of water damage which will cost you in the future. If it is a small problem like a dripping faucet or a damaged shower head then you can stop the water flow by turning off the stopcock below the sink or in the downstairs area. The sooner you cut the water flow the more money you will save because a lot of water won’t be wasted and your furniture, floors, walls, and ceiling will not be as damaged. It is imperative to phone your plumber as soon as possible so they can conduct the repairs and you can have access to water again.

2. Avoid Electricity

Water and electricity don’t work well together. Electricity can travel through water and damage things that are in the water. If you suspect that you have a leak then it is best to turn off the water and the electricity. The water might not be flowing but if it has made an electrical component wet and when power is sent through the component that damage can occur. There is also a risk of an electrical fire starting. There is a high chance that you will be electrocuted if you stood in water while a strong electrical current passed through. Turn off the power if you see a lot of water escaping the pipes. This will make sure you and your plumber stays safe. You should also remove electrical appliances away from the areas that have water damage so that the appliances don’t get damaged.


3. Start Removing Excess Water

When the plumbing in your home doesn’t function as it is supposed to it can be very messy. There can be water all over the floor or in a worse scenario, sewerage. It is important that you start cleaning as soon as you have stopped the water or sewage from flowing. This will prevent any extra damage from happening. It will also make it a bit easier for plumbers to navigate and fix the problem as soon as possible. Craig’s Plumbing in North Las Vegas, NV appreciates it when customers clean up a bit before the plumber arrives. This decreases any safety risks like electrocution or injury from a fall. It also allows the service provider to inspect the area better and get to work after because they don’t have to clean up first. It will also keep other areas of your house clan. We all know that shoes gather dirt and if we mix it with water then we have muddy footprints leading from the entrance to the problem area.

4. Take Notes

It is common for people to become more forgetful in stressful situations. You might be so worried about the damages that you completely forgot what happened before things started going wrong. After you have contacted your plumber you should make a list of the damages and possible things that could have caused this. You should also write down any questions you may have for the plumber so that they don’t slip your mind. This will help you be more organized and this will increase the likelihood that the initial inspection goes smoothly and that nothing gets left out. You could keep the notebook or paper beside you when the plumbing service provider arrives so that you can write down important things that he says. If you are using a new plumbing company or you are uncertain whether or not it is a trustworthy company then you can double-check the information that you receive.

5.Kids and Pets

in order to keep all members of your family, you should remove small children and pets from the affected area so that they don’t get injured. If the plumbing repairs will require some of your attention then it is best to leave them in the care of others. This will also keep the professional safe because he won’t be distracted by children and pets so he can focus on his work and decrease the risk of injury. This will also allow your repairs to be completed faster since none is getting in the way.

These are some useful tips that you can follow to make the life of your plumbing service provider easier and also increase the efficiency in which the repairs can be conducted. it can also help you to feel more in control when disaster hits. Craig’s Plumbing knows that when it comes to emergency plumbing services that timing is of the utmost importance. They provide reliable, punctual, and diverse plumbing services that will suit your needs. Call them today to schedule an appointment.