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Water Heater Repair: What You Need To Know | Summerlin, NV

Water heaters are arguably one of the most common home appliances, a basic necessity that many cannot do without. A water heater is also probably one of the home appliances that you regularly use to heat your water for use. Regular or extensive use of any device only means that such items are likely to break down once in a while. Missing hot water in your home can be troublesome, because of the purpose that the hot water serves in the home. Whether in cooking, or taking baths, hot water is an absolute necessity in your home. As an essential home appliance, there is a need for getting your water heater back and running in the shortest time possible. Water heater repair is, therefore, an essential service that you might need in your home. Turning your shower taps and experiencing cold water running down can be a shiver-inducing unpleasant experience that we all dread. Such experiences are common in Summerlin, NV, as a result of water heaters breaking down unexpectedly. Once the water heater breaks down, it is important to call in the experts to ascertain the cause of the failure and carry out the necessary repair works.

Water heaters come in a variety of shapes, designs, and brands, but the functionality of either type is usually basic. Whether gas or electric water heaters, their functionality is usually geared towards ensuring that the water in the container is heated up promptly once you switch on the power button.

What To Do When Your Water Heater Breaks Down

When you notice that your water heater has broken down, there are certain measures you need to put in place to prevent further damage and for your safety. Some of the necessary steps you need to put in place include the following;

  • Quickly turn off the power supply to your electric water heater by switching off your circuit breaker in your main switch, or promptly removing the fuse in the water heater to break off the power supply. This measure will prevent further damage to your water heater and also avert any potential damage to your home and yourself.


  • Turn off the gas supply to your water heater by switching the pilot control valve, turning on the water gas valve. This will ensure no gas leak might be hazardous.


  • Promptly cut off the water supply to the water heater by turning the valve directly supplying water to the heater. This ensures that no excess water is supplied to the already broken-down water heater. Only turn off the water supply after ensuring that either the electric or gas supply is shut off.

What To Check In A Faulty Water Heater?

A faulty water heater, whether gas or electric heater, can be as a result of a failure in its core functionality. The obvious things to check out for include the following;

  • In a gas water heater, check out the thermocouple, the pilot and the gas control valve


  • In an electric water heater, check out the appliance’s heating element and the thermostat.

Signs Of A Faulty Water Heater

A failure of the water heater to power up and heat the water can be a result of several causes. Some of the likely problems associated with a faulty water heater that might call for a water heater repair include the following;


  • Inadequate hot water– in some instances, the hot water coming out of the water heater might be insufficient to cater for your needs. Insufficient hot water supply can be a result of several factors including the temperature setting on the water heater, issues in the sediment tank, the heating element on the heater, and a dysfunctional or disconnected dip tube. When you notice that the hot water supply is inadequate either gradually or suddenly, then there is a need for the repair.


  • Discolored, rusty, or smelly water– a change in color or smell of the water coming out of the water heater should alarm you of a potential faultiness. A pipe discoloration or a potential bacterial build-up within the water tank is a call to carry out urgent water heater repair as the discolored and smelly water can result in health-related problems.


  • Strange noises within the water heater tank– all water heaters have a usual distinct noise when they are turned on to heat water. any change in the sound should alert you to impending damage to the appliance requiring urgent water heater checkup and possible repair. The strange noise can be a result of condensation at the bottom of the tank that could be dripping onto the heater’s burner. Such strange noises might subside, but if they persist, then there is a need for a water heater repair.


  • Water leak at the bottom of the heater tank– a water heater tank should be airtight and leak-proof, preventing any water leakage. Any leakage from the water heater tank is usually as a result of faulty temperature and pressure relief valve or leakage from the connecting plumbing pipes. In cases of water leakage, an urgent water heater repair is needed to replace the faulty pieces.

Water Heater Repair

Your water heater should be up and running throughout to offer you the much-needed hot water for your shower or cooking. Any breakdown of your water heater should alarm you to seek the services of professional and experienced technicians to carry out the necessary repairs. Prompt repairs will prevent extensive damage to your water heater, ensuring that your water heater is in the best condition.

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