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An Essential Guide To Drain Cleaning Service | Henderson, NV

When was the last time you invited a plumber for an annual maintenance check? Properties in Henderson, NV, use more water during the hot season. The increased demand of freshwater adds stress to the house’s plumbing system. Washing machines, shower facilities, and even external facilities such as pools or tubs are used more frequently during the summer. If the plumbing network isn’t in a condition to support the increased water supply required, you will find out that things aren’t working as expected.

While there are various chemical solutions and tools which can help you unblock a pipe, it’s always better to call a professional plumber for the task in hand. Chemical solutions can degrade the structure of the pipes, and the use of a plunger can only make the problem worse. On top of that, dealing with drain pipes may prove hazardous for your health as bacteria tend to build up.

Clogged drains can cause facilities to cease working and pipes to burst. A leak inside the house can cost way more than a frequent maintenance service. If you notice that there is a problem with the plumbing of your property, don’t wait any further. Arranging a drain cleaning service is quick and guarantees that your house is in good condition to provide the increased supply of water required during the summer months.

In this article, you will find out the importance of regular service.

What Causes a Blocked Drain?

Homeowners know the hustle of dealing with drains at some point. Drain issues are a common household problem and can easily accumulate. One of the most common reasons for a drain to become blocked is when grease, hair and non-organic debris enter the sinkhole. While washing objects that are used on a daily basis, the clogging builds up until the drain becomes totally blocked.

Consider this, each time you wash the dishes in the kitchen, the food particles and grease that comes off, ends up in the sink. As you use the sink a few dozen times per week, eventually all that particles end up together, forming a block in the pipe. Greasy clogs are difficult to dissolve and require a cleaning service in order to ensure that the problem is properly solved.

While the kitchen sink is a notorious place for a clog to build up, the bathroom is a common place too. Soap, hair, and dirt can build up while you are having a shower, causing a block in the drains. Also, the disposal of toilet paper and sanitary products in the toilet can become lodged in the drain, resulting in an overflow of waste water. This can be avoided by arranging for a drain cleaning service.

Old Pipes

An aged pipe can cause all sorts of problems. Older properties have pipes that have been used continuously for many years. Rust, lime scale and the exposure to natural elements can weaken the structure of the pipe. Acts of nature cause external debris to enter the system and form clogs. Soil, leaves and mineral deposits can make a formidable clog that restricts the flow of water. Older pipes consist of metal, which is more vulnerable to the constant change of temperature. A professional cleaning service can expose clogs as well as more serious problems that lie underneath. Due to the location of most pipes, it’s only the eye of an expert which can confidently discover those problems.


Also known as pipe scale, mineral deposits can grow inside the pipes at any time. They consist of magnesium and calcium, and they are a byproduct of waste water which uses the pipes to exit your home through the plumbing network. These deposits are known to affect the flow of water. In worst cases, pipe scales can entirely restrict the flow of water by causing a clog. If you have a potable water filter, you may notice a difference in the flavor of the water. Limescale can also damage washing appliances. In any case, arranging a service will ensure that the pipes remain clear from mineral deposits.

Septic Tank

Septic tanks come with a lot of benefits for the household. Deflated bills and independence from the local sewage network are a few worth stating here. Despite being durable, waste tanks are vulnerable to clogs. Each septic tank is connected with a few sewage pipes which transfer the waste water outside the house. Sanitary products and grease blocks can form a strong clog within the main sewage pipe. When that happens, the tank will no longer be able to absorb the waste water. This may result in strong septic odors and water puddles manifesting inside the house. When that happens, you should arrange for emergency drain cleaning service to take place.

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Service

When you order a drain cleaning service, you will get a specialized plumber who will assess the problem. Once the plumber has examined the plumbing system, he will use the best and quickest method to unclog the pipes. Plumbers are equipped with all the equipment necessary to find clogs and remove them from the drain.

In most cases, a drain cleaning service is quick and doesn’t create a mess. Specialized tools are used to clean the pipes in depth and harmless chemical solutions can be applied. This will ensure that the pipes are in good condition and free from any bacteria. Once the cleaning is complete, the plumber can advise you which solutions may be used to clean the drains occasionally.

Arrange a Drain Cleaning Service Today

Don’t wait until the next overflow to book a drain cleaning service. Drain cleaning is a necessary task for every modern household. Save yourself from the hustle of having to deal with wastewater. When you are ready to take the next step, simply get in touch. Craig’s plumbing offers professional drain cleaning services in households around Henderson, NV. Here at Craig’s Plumbing, experienced plumbers are standing by to assist you in every step of the process.