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Common Indicators That You Need Water Heater Repair Services | Summerlin, NV

Having a functional water heater in your Summerlin, NV, home is essential for your everyday tasks, such as taking a relaxing warm bath or running your dishwasher. The most common types of water heaters are conventional storage and tankless or demand-type water heaters.

Regardless of the model installed in your house, continued use of water heaters to provide comfort in your household may reduce performance over time. For instance, storage water heaters could last 10-15 years, with their tankless counterparts lasting for over 20 years.

Within this duration, you may require frequent water heater repair services to restore normal operations of this essential appliance in case it breaks down. At times you may not realize that your water heater is developing problems until it inconveniences you. Not to worry, though. Here are a few common signs that show you need water heater repair.

Presence of rust in hot water

If you observe discolorations in hot water flowing at your house at various user points, there is a high chance that your water heater is deteriorating due to rusting. This is further backed up by the availability of clean water in other parts of the house not supplied by water flowing through the water heating system. Minerals present in the water may corrode the anode component of your water heater, leading to the rust-colored water production.

The remedy is replacing the anode. However, it’s recommended that you seek qualified repair professionals to run conclusive diagnostic tests on your system. Most hot water tanks are made of stainless steel and might rust eventually. It would be best if you inspected the tank frequently for corrosion since it’s a precursor to leak damage.

Water not achieving the intended temperature

At times you may realize that you’re not consistently being dispensed hot or warm water at your user point when you should. The fluctuations in the heat of water flowing in your taps or shower could result from sedimentation in your water heater’s heating elements leading to reduced efficiency.

This could be unpleasant, especially during winter, when you need to indulge in laundry and other hot water tasks. However, it’s prudent to acknowledge that an increase in the demand for hot water at various user points in the house could contribute to lukewarm water.

In other instances, you could experience boiling water in your shower despite setting your water heating system at the recommended temperature of 120 degrees. This is an indicator of problems such as burnout in the heating element or malfunctions in the thermostat, which necessitates professional water heater repair services.

Leakages in your water heater

If you notice water puddles or leaks around your water heater, this is a clear sign that you need water heater repair services. As mentioned earlier, leaking could be an outcome of corrosion in the water heater storage tank, but could also be due to damaged valves within the unit.

Over time, the repeated expansions and contractions of heating elements within your water heater during heating and cooling may cause its components to crack. A leaking water heater poses substantial safety risks in your house. It may lead to slip and fall accidents, electrocution, high chances of mold infestation, and damage to the surrounding flooring, walls, carpets, and appliances nearby.

You could resolve to devise a workable plan to inspect your water heater and the entire plumbing system that could help identify leaks as soon as they emerge. It also helps to have an idea of the leak source by ruling out fittings and connections to the tank.

Low water pressure in hot water outlets could also signal the presence of leakage or rupture in your hot water storage tank. Leaks in the water heater are not easy to repair, and at times the best remedy is a replacement. Thus it would be best to have a trained and certified water heater service provider check out your system.

Odor and visual impurities in hot water

Foul smells and cloudy appearance in warm water could result from the build-up of mineral deposits in the water heater storage tank. Accumulated sediments usually create a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive in your tank. The smell could resemble that of rotten eggs, making it hard for you to miss.

Additionally, the water emanating from your hot water taps may have a metallic taste and smell. Due to the sensitive nature of electrical components in your water heater, it’s wise to hire a dependable water heater repair professional in Summerlin, NV, to fix it for you. Thorough cleaning, including flushing your hot water tank as part of preventive maintenance measures, usually comes in handy in averting this issue.

Strange noises emanating from your water heater

Usually, your water heater produces a humming sound as the water heats up; however, you may sometimes hear a cracking, rumbling, popping, or banging noise. This should concern you since it could result from scale deposits or hardened mineral sediments jostling around in the tank and clashing with the heating elements.

This bombardment produces unusual noises, and thus it’s a sign that you need water heater repair services. Scaling hampers your water heater’s efficiency and drives up your energy bills since it has to work extra hard to achieve the desired water temperature. Adhering to your maintenance program helps reduce the frequency of your need for repair services.

Drain valve not working

As discussed earlier, flushing is a crucial preventive maintenance measure; however, you may have trouble opening the drain valve at the bottom of your water heater tank. This could largely be contributed by the accumulation of sediments in the water as it passes through the tank.

Another possibility could be mechanical problems in your valve, rendering it impossible to open. Water heater repair is necessary to rectify the issue and restore normalcy.

A reliable plumbing company 

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You could also benefit from replacement and upgrade services to new demand-type models among various types of water heaters. Additionally, our water heater repair experts are available 24/7 with quick response time to restore your water heater to serviceable conditions.