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Craig The Plumber’s Water Conservation Tips

Saving Water in Southern Nevada

In this desert region Las Vegas calls home, we all know the importance of conserving water. Not only does it save this precious resource, it also helps save money. According to the latest reports from the Southern Nevada Water Authority, a water crisis may be just around the corner, and Southern Nevada has decreased our consumption despite tourists and increased population. The fight is far from over. Here are a few tips to help you save water around your home.

Make Sure Your Home Is Leak-Free

Even small leaks add up to tons of wasted water. Check sink and shower faucets, toilets, outdoor hoses, and especially your water meter for signs of leaks. To check your meter turn all the water in your home off and record the meter reading, wait for a period of about two hours and record the meter reading. If the meter does not read the exact same, you have a leak.

Install Water Reducing Fixtures

From low-flow shower heads to toilets, modern technology means lower water usage without sacrificing water pressure. A low-flow shower head can cut your water usage in half, while ultra-low volume toilets can reduce water usage by as much as 70%. Replacing fixtures are relatively simple, just make sure that the water valves are shut off before replacement, and can have an immediate impact on your water usage.

Don’t Leave Faucets Running

When you brush your teeth, wash dishes by hand, rinse vegetables, and cool water for drinking, we have a tendency to leave the water running. Water conservation is as simple as turning the water off. After you wet your brush, turn the water off until you are ready to rinse, and then use a cup instead of leaving the water running. Wash dishes and vegetables in a basin to reduce water usage. Want cool water for drinking? Store drinking water in the refrigerator, in a safe drinking bottle. This will not only reduce water usage, but a full refrigerator operates more efficiently, saving energy too.

Of course, we should all be mindful to take as short a shower as possible, only run dishwashers and clothes washers in full loads an on efficient settings. Every home can reduce water use and conserve more water using these simple tips. Craig’s Plumbing is here to help you conserve water and detect leaks. Our professional, licensed plumbers work throughout Las Vegas to install efficient fixtures and help you be water smart.