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Let’s Take This Outside

Water conservation doesn’t end at your doorstep. Being water smart includes reducing water waste in your yard and your pool. Here are a few tips to help conserve water and ultimately save you money every month of the year.

It Starts With What You Put In

Desert regions, like Las Vegas, have vegetation that flourish without the use of much water. Planting drought-resistant lawns, shrubs and other plants can drastically reduce water usage. With advanced technology making astro turf more realistic and affordable, this is the most conservative option for your Las Vegas lawn. For a more natural approach, choose plants native to our region. They use far less water, and are more resistant to drought and local diseases. Grouping plants that use similar amounts of water will also help with water distribution and help prevent over watering.

Slow Evaporation

By placing a layer of mulch around trees and plants, as little as 2 inches, evaporation can be greatly reduced. The application of mulch also discourages the growth of many different varieties of weeds. We suggest talking to your local agriculture specialist about your specific needs.

When You Water Matters

Watering during the cooler parts of the day, early morning or late night hours, will reduce evaporation due to heat. If you have a timer it is best to set it to water between 3 and 5 in the morning. This will take advantage of the coolest temperatures and allow your vegetation to absorb more water. On windy or rainy days make sure to turn your timers off, but set a reminder to turn it back on or you may suddenly find your lawn turning brown and droopy.

Swimming Pools

With well over 60,000 pools at Southern Nevada residences the potential for water waste is staggering. A 15 foot, circular pool at 48″ deep holds over 5,000 gallons of water. Assuming this smaller-than-average pool size, and that is the equivalent to 300 Million Gallons of water. At an average rate of evaporation of 40% a year and that’s 120 Million Gallons each year that literally disappears. Preventing swimming pool water evaporation is not only a great conservation technique, but the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a pool cover instant rebate coupon to cover up to 50% of the purchase of a temporary or permanent pool cover. Restrictions and certain limitations apply, but the savings can help you be more water smart and reduce your bills every month.

For more great water conservation tips, contact your Craig’s Plumbing technician.

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