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How To Choose The Right Portable Heater

As temperatures begin to drop signaling the arrival of autumn and eventually winter, homeowners may be looking for ways to keep their homes toasty warm.

There are available portable heaters than can warm up virtually any room in any house. Below is a simple hide on how to choose the right one for you:

  • Look for heaters with safety features such as automatic shutoff when the unit falls over. Thermostat controls are also useful. Remember that effective heaters are able to warm any room without being overly hot to touch.
  • Look for the right size. Portable heaters should be small enough as to avoid obstruction of daily activities.
  • Consider space heaters that oscillate since these warm up rooms evenly. Convection heaters also warm up spaces quicker.
  • Wattage matters. Smaller rooms require low wattage heaters since they do not get too hot. For bigger spaces and for the sake of efficiency, higher wattage is needed. This is especially needed for bigger basements or master bedrooms.