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Overflowing Toilets And Your Plumbing Service | North Las Vegas, NV

An overflowing toilet is not a frequent plumbing issue but can be disastrous and a nightmare in your home. Toilets are a vital plumbing fixture for households because they facilitate the safe disposal of human waste to the sewer or septic system, maintaining hygiene in your space. Toilets can operate for years without issues if well maintained and serviced by a plumbing service professional in North Las Vegas, NV, periodically.

Imagine flushing the toilet, and instead of the water pushing waste down the drain, it starts rising until it overflows. Disgusting! The gross and embarrassing problem is not one to waste time thinking of what to do next but requires prompt action by calling an experienced plumbing provider for emergency repairs.

You and your family need to know the reason behind overflowing toilets to prevent such occurrences. In this blog, you’ll learn about the causes of overflowing toilets.

Drain Clog

Topping my list of the causes is a clog in the drainage system, which compromises the smooth disposal of wastewater to the centralized sewer line. The obstruction causes toilets in your bathrooms to overflow, increasing the possibility of gross water damage that can leave a deep hole in your pockets after paying the plumbing service providers to clear the wastewater from your North Las Vegas, NV home. It is worth noting that a clog in the drains affects the toilets and all the plumbing fixtures in your home.

It is wise to learn what causes the blockage to be keen on what goes down the drain, and they include:

  • Excessive use of toilet paper: using a lot of toilet paper at one time risks a blockage in your drains, increasing the dangers of an overflowing toilet.


  • Pet waste: disposing of dog waste bags and kitty litter in the toilet can also create a blockage in the drains over time. The clog leads to overflowing toilets and other plumbing issues such as standing water, mold growth, and backups in sinks, compelling you to call for urgent repairs and fixing by a qualified and reliable plumbing expert.


  • Paper towels and wipes: They might seem flushable but are thicker than the typical tissue paper, implying they take longer to break down after being flushed, creating an obstruction in the drains. Flushing wipes cause clogs that account for almost 50 percent of sewer backups in homes.

So, whenever you notice that it takes more time than usual for the water to drain in the sinks, tubs, shower, and toilet, hire a professional plumbing service provider to make the necessary repairs before you have overflowing toilets and sinks to contend with.

Blocked Toilet Bowl

Sometimes the clog can occur in the toilet bowl, implying the plumbing problem only affects the toilet. The obstruction in the bowl can be due to:

  • Flushing non-flushable down the toilet: when you use the toilets to dispose of pads, tampons, bathroom trash, diapers, or cotton balls, a clog will form in the toilet bowl leading to the drains, giving no room for wastewater to flow through. The clog causes overflowing toilets that will need urgent unclogging services by a qualified plumbing service expert from a nearby plumbing company.


  • Unattended kids in the bathroom: you might be wondering what children have to do with a clog in the toilet bowl or the drainage system. They might throw anything they think of inside the toilet, including soap, toys, and large objects, and flush them as an experiment. A plumbing service provider will prove your kids are culprits that caused a clog after removing toys or dolls during the unclogging process.

Clogged Vent Pipe

A clogged vent pipe can also lead to overflowing toilets. The venting air stacks are essential because of the air and pressure they generate for toilets to flush smoothly and dispose of the human waste to the sewer lines through the venting pipes. Plumbing service providers with experience and expertise in plumbing vents can link the vent stack clogs to:

  • Bird nests, leaves, trash, and small branches fall on your roof from nearby trees.
  • Children’s games lead to items such as tennis balls falling to the stacks clogging the air vents.

Lack of Plumbing Maintenance

When you skip maintenance exercises that include removing accumulating dirt in your vents and drains, you can experience issues such as nasty sewage odor permeating throughout your home, backups, and overflowing toilets. The awful smell coming from your bathroom should make you call your preferred plumbing service provider immediately before more plumbing issues overwhelm you.

How to Prevent Clogs that lead to Overflowing Toilets

The best prevention way to prevent your toilets from overflowing is stopping a clog from forming in the toilet bowl, plumbing vents, and drains. Doing this will also protect your home from the hazardous wastewater that can lead to mold growth, the damaged structural integrity of your wooden structures, costly water damage restoration services, and sewer gas poisoning. So, without further ado, the following measures are essential in preventing the drain and toilet blockages that cause overflowing toilets:

Being Keen on What you Flush

The toilets in homes are for discarding toilet paper, poop, puke, and pee only. A plumbing service provider can advise against flushing the non-flushable materials, debris, dirt, or pet dander that take time to break down or cannot break down because they will form a clog in the drains or the toilet bowl immediately or over time.

Also, children should be in the bathroom only under supervision to take a bath or use the toilet to prevent the dumping of toys, phones, and other objects inside the toilet bowl.

Maintenance of Drains and Plumbing Fixtures

plumbing service professional may conduct regular cleaning of the plumbing and drainage system using a hydro-jet cleaning method to eliminate all the dirt or objects in the drains for the free flow of waste to the septic system.

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For healthy development and sanitation purposes, you need a properly functioning toilet in your home. If you notice the wastewater in your toilet bowl is draining at a snail’s pace, don’t wait until it overflows before you call Craig’s Plumbing.

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