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Plumber Tips On Common Causes Of Burst Water Pipes | Las Vegas, NV

Now and then, you might experience pipe bursts in your Las Vegas, NV home. It is an issue that may cause high discomfort, frustrations, and inconvenience at your home. It can cost you a lot of money and time to repair or replace the damaged parts.

Unlike other plumbing issues, you can easily identify burst pipes at your home, especially in an open place. However, it might take time to notice a pipe burst in crawl spaces, attics, basements, or walls. Secondary signs like mold growth, fluctuating water pressure, or high water bills are your best option for noting there’s something amiss with your plumbing system.

Whenever this happens, you’d better call a plumber to inspect, diagnose and replace or repair the pipes based on the extent of the damage. Early repairs can help you avoid structural damages, floods, and costly water damage repairs and restorations. But what makes water pipes at your home burst? Below are some reasons why your pipes might burst.

High Water Pressure

Extreme or high water pressure is among the leading causes of pipe bursts. The water pressure might increase because of a faulty regulator that doesn’t regulate the water pressure to its required or optimal levels. If water from the municipal supplier is pumped at high pressure, it might also lead to the water pipes bursting at your home.

The fluctuating water pressure may also be caused by faulty water lines because the water may speed up or slow down at various interval levels. Optimally, the water pressure should be at most 60 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). At such a high PSI, your water line is highly likely to be vulnerable to bursting. A plumber who is adequately equipped with modern tools can help you identify the actual culprit making the water pressure become high and resolve it before the pipes burst.

That is particularly why homeowners in Las Vegas, NV, are advised to retain a plumber for routine maintenance to your plumbing system. Suppose the pipes burst as a result of the high water pressure. In that case, your plumbing technician might recommend a replacement of the damaged parts to forestall issues like skyrocketing water bills and water damage.


The other reason your water pipes might burst is freezing during winter or cold seasons. Plastic, copper, and metal pipes are generally susceptible to bursting when the water expands due to freezing. As more water freezes and accumulates in a particular part of your pipe, the water pressure rises, making the pipes in your plumbing system start bursting.

The pipes connected to your home’s exterior walls, kitchen cabinets, outdoor faucets, garages, basements, and other unheated indoor parts are prone to freezing in winter. Therefore, homeowners should watch for seasonal weather changes and take the appropriate measures to protect the pipes from freezing during winter by contacting a plumbing service in your locality. They’ll insulate and winterize in readiness for that season. Without such preventative measures to protect your pipes from issues that might arise from freezing, you’ll be staring at water burst issues. Hence, you’ll contend with severe issues like mold growth and floods.


The pipes at your home may be prone to bursting because of clogging. Your plumbing system is bound to experience some issues resulting from blockages caused by debris, hairs, dirt, and other foreign particles.

If you ignore your plumbing by retaining a plumber to maintain it regularly, the pressure that builds up from the blockages and clogs might make the pipes burst. You’ll be compelled to call an emergency plumbing service to clear the clogs and repair or replace the broken pipes.


Most water pipes within your plumbing systems are made of metals like copper, ductile iron, galvanized steel, aluminum, or concrete. Others are made from plastic. Metal pipes have a higher probability of rusting than concrete or plastic water pipes. The corrosion can be caused by salts, high ion concentrations, chemical properties of the soils around the water lines, alkalinity, salts, pipe properties, and chemicals present in soft and hard water.

The other factors like gases and water temperatures may also contribute to pipe corrosion. So, as the soft or hard water flows through your water pipes for several years, the metallic pipes might undergo corrosion and start to burst open slowly. A skilled and professional plumber who has been carrying out routine maintenance of metallic pipes will recognize the signs of corrosion early before they weaken and crack open.

Failing to detect the problem early may see your pipes burst, resulting in irreversible damage and indoor flooding in your home. If the unfortunate has already happened, contact a professional plumber to replace the affected water pipes or repair the damaged part by cutting it out and patching it. Better yet, replace the corrosion-prone steel water pipes with plastic or concrete pipes to avoid corrosion issues down the line.

Tree Root Encroachment

Although trees bring value to your home, they might threaten the integrity of your water pipes. When tree roots encroach on your water or sewer line, they may weaken the pipes, resulting in bursts. If the sewer or water lines were installed close to nearby trees, or you unknowingly planted trees close to the water pipes that supply water into your home, you might be staring at a future problem of bursting pipes.

The tree roots extend deep into the soil as those trees grow, reaching the water pipes. And they don’t stop; they continue growing through the water or sewer lines, applying pressure on them. Because most pipes aren’t strong enough to stop this encroachment, they’ll crack open as time progresses.

At this point, you’ll need the services of a professional plumber to remove the encroaching roots and reroute the piping lines away from the tree line. The plumbing expert might also recommend cutting the trees. Although the repairs might take some time, a professional plumber like those at Craig’s plumbing will get the job done properly. They’ll ensure your water pipes don’t burst because of the tree encroachment.

Professional Plumbers in Las Vegas, NV

Bursting pipes are a disaster to your home. However, you can avoid them through routine maintenance and being cautious about what you throw down the drains. Do you need professional plumbers for regular maintenance and inspection of your plumbing system? Call our experienced and licensed technicians at Craig’s Plumbing today.