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Plumbing Problems That Need A Plumber | North Las Vegas, NV

Could you go a day without using your plumbing system? It may seem easy until you consider that you will be going without. Without running water, you can’t bathe, clean, cook, flush the toilet, or brush your teeth. Many daily household tasks require running water; therefore, life will be challenging without it. Your drainage system removes water and waste from your North Las Vegas, NV home, and if there is an issue, the water and waste will remain in the toilets, sinks, and tubs.

Because your plumbing system is essential to your daily life, you shouldn’t wait if you have a plumbing issue and call a licensed plumber.

If your plumbing system experiences any of the following issues, it is best to call a plumber right away. Waiting too long to call a plumbing professional could cause the problem to escalate, resulting in a more expensive plumbing bill.

#1 Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes is one of the most common calls a plumber receives. The pipes in your North Las Vegas, NV home can start to leak for a few different reasons.

  • The pipes have corroded.
  • A pipe joint is disconnected or has broken.
  • A significant clog in the waterline causes higher water pressure in the pipes, resulting in a leak.
  • Water pressure over 45 psi can result in a leak.

Leaking pipes are a serious issue because the leak can cause water damage in your home, and mold growth can occur. In addition, the leak can waste a significant amount of water, causing your water bill to increase. Some leaks are easy to detect, such as leaks under the sink, because you will see standing water when you open the bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinet. Leaks behind the wall can be harder to detect and may leave water spots on the wall or ceiling. Leaks under the house can cause puddles to form in the yard, a warm basement floor, or damage to your home’s foundation.

A licensed plumbing company can use leak detection equipment to find the leak’s location to replace the pipe before causing further damage.

#2 Drain Clogs

If you’ve ever had a clogged drain in your home, you know how inconvenient it can be. Most clogs start small, causing the water to drain slowly. This is a problem when doing something that requires the water to run, such as showering, washing the dishes, and brushing your teeth. Over time, a minor clog can become larger each time hair, grease, food, and soap scum go down the drain. Eventually, the clog will become so large that it clogs the drain completely, and the water won’t drain at all, preventing you from using the sink or tub.

If you are thinking about using a liquid drain cleaner to save money, you should understand the downsides of these products. You can’t be sure that the entire clog has been removed, even if the water starts flowing freely down the drain. If part of the clog remains, it is only a matter of time before the water begins draining slowly. In addition, these chemicals contain harsh chemicals that can cause the pipes to corrode and will need to be replaced, which is more expensive than hiring a plumber to remove the clog. A licensed plumbing company can use a drain camera to find the clog to remove the entire clog from the drain.

#3 Water Heater Issues

The water heater in your home is technically an appliance; however, it is also essential for your plumbing system. Your water heater heats the cold water coming into your home and stores the hot water until you need it.

Water heater issues can affect your ability to perform many daily tasks, and some can put your home at risk. If your unit experiences any of the following problems, you should call a licensed plumbing company.

  • Cold water coming from the hot water tap.
  • The water isn’t hot enough.
  • Foul-smelling hot water
  • Discolored hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit
  • Moisture or leaks around the water heater
  • You frequently run out of hot water

DIY repairs aren’t recommended because water heaters are very complex appliances. Making one small mistake could result in further damage. In addition, a DIY repair will void your warranty.

It is best to call a licensed plumbing company, as plumbers are trained to install, maintain and repair water heaters. A plumber can figure out what is causing the problem and repair the unit if possible. If the water heater cannot be repaired, it will need to be replaced.

#4 Clogged Toilet

Toilet clogs are relatively common. In most cases, plunging the toilet is enough to break up the clog enough to be flushed. However, if the clog is large, solid, or located too far down the drainpipe, the plunger won’t be effective, and you should call a licensed plumber.

The plumber can use a toilet auger to break up the clog, which is more effective than a plunger. If the clog is too far down the drain pipe and it can be reached with the auger, the plumber will need to disconnect the toilet to get to the pipe.

The sooner you call a professional, the sooner you can start using the toilet again.

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