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There are few plumbing service companies in Las Vegas, NV that have a stellar reputation for honesty, integrity, efficiency, and affordability like Craig’s Plumbing. We take pride in the work we do and consider ourselves to be helpful members of the Las Vegas community. Las Vegas, NV is one of the United States’ most visited cities. People come to Sin City to party their days and nights away at casinos, big-name musical acts, and all assortments of entertainment.

Las Vegas, NV is a city that needs high functioning plumbing in hotels, restaurants, homes, entertainment venues, casinos, and many other places. Most big casinos have waterwork displays that require specialty plumbing service. Craig’s Plumbing can do it all, big or household repairs, we offer expertise in all things related to plumbing.

A Little Information On The Team At Craig’s Plumbing

Our hard-earned reputation has allowed us to choose the very best plumbers in Clark County, Nevada. We select the applicants who excelled in their education, apprenticeships and show a desire to continually learn about their trade and be the best at what they do. This type of dedication is what makes a great plumbing service.

All of our potential hires must accept the boarding process which involves a thorough investigation into their educational and on-the-job training. We ask all employees to submit to (random) drug and alcohol tests and even look into their credit history. Protecting our clients is serious business and we hire only honest, hard-working plumbers to represent Craig’s Plumbing service.

Is It Time For A Plumbing Service?

There are several red flags when it comes to alerting you that it is time to hire Craig’s plumbing service. Plumbing problems are a bit like having a tooth with a cavity. The longer you ignore the cavity, the worse the problem and the pain will be. Plumbing issues are similar because if you have a leak or a blockage it is not going to go away on its own.

Here are a few situations to keep an eye out for:

The Floor and Carpet Are Wet Or Sagging – If you find unexplained fluid on your flowers or saggy carpet, it might be a warning sign that there is a major leak somewhere in your plumbing network and a plumbing service may be an immediate necessity. Buildings with concrete slab foundations have drain lines and water pipes that lay underneath the slab. making them vulnerable when a pipe inside the foundation leaks because the concrete absorbs the fluid. Then, when the concrete cannot suck up any more water it begins to spill onto the floors inside a home or business. The standing water encourages the growth of mold, mildew. The flooding can cause extensive damage to flooring and other interior details. Do not ignore a leak because over time it can corrode your home’s foundation.

Nasty Smells – From time to time a house can have unpleasant odors, it is normal if you have a family and lead a busy life. If you find yourself smelling things like sulfur, rotting food, or human or animal waste it is a red flag that the sewage is not adequately leaving your home and needs a plumbing service immediately. If you smell gas, leave the home and call the gas company. Do not return home until the authorities declare it safe to do so.

Discolored Water – Water should be clear, clean, and crisp. If the water flowing out of your faucet is brown, green, or yellow it could mean that your plumbing system is in dire need of restoration. There may be corrosion or other perils messing with the water supply. A tip: green water means that the corrosion is severely bad in copper piping.

Slow Drains – A lot of people do not stand around watching water empty from sinks or tubs, but if you find yourself in the shower with water past your ankles it might mean that multiple drains are slow in your home. An easy way to avoid clogs is to use a hair trap and schedule an annual drain cleaning service to make sure the water flows outside where it belongs.

Signs The Plumbing Is Old And Needs Replacing

It is easy for many homeowners to ignore the pipes under their sinks, around the toilets, bathtubs, and appliances that use water to investigate the visible pipes in their homes. Homeowners with basements should have a professional plumbing service inspect basement water pipes for signs of wear and tear. An expert will recognize the discoloration and respond appropriately to the material of the plumbing network. Copper water pipes become green and white with corrosion and begin to leak with time. Galvanized steel and cast iron become red with rust and eventually burst open.

Low Water Pressure

The good news is that low water pressure might not be your problem directly, but the city and the municipal water supply. Your first move should be to call your water company and complain. If they are not doing improvements in your area, it could mean that there is a leak in the main water pipe of your home. If the low water pressure is happening while you receive a larger than normal water bill, or see oddly colored water, or damage to walls, then that is definitely a job for an expert from Craig’s Plumbing.

Higher Than Normal Water Bills

Water bills are usually predictable unless you have a house guest and then of course your tariff is going to go up, but if it is just you and your family and you see that your month to month water bills is increasing more and more each month then, it is likely there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing network.

Wet Spots in Your Outdoor Spaces

If it has not rained in a while and you keep finding wet spots on your property which include puddles, sunken earth, soft spots, or squishy grass then it is entirely possible that your sewer pipe has either broken slightly or broken entirely. This issue is a major health concern and should be dealt with as soon as possible because it may affect your interior plumbing as well. If you experience any of these issues please give Craig’s Plumbing a call for help and a free estimate!