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Top 7 Benefits Of A Drain Cleaning Service | Henderson, NV

When was the last time your property had a drain cleaning service? A regular cleaning service can help your Henderson, NV, property to survive year-round without experiencing any significant disasters, particularly during the hot season when there’s an increased demand for freshwater, and your plumbing systems are under more strain. Shower facilities, pools, tubs, and appliances such as washing machines are used more often this time of year, and increased use can result in more unwanted blockages that can reduce the efficiency of your plumbing network.

If you’ve noticed the telltale signs of soon-to-be clogs in your bathroom or kitchen, like slow draining water or the need to use a plunger more often, it’s prime time to consider a professional service. Since it’s not a major issue, you might not give it much thought, but there are several benefits to arranging a drain cleaning to deal with these minor annoyances before they become major headaches.

Faster Drainage

One of the first telltale signs your home may need a drain cleaning service is slow drainage. Faster drainage is often the most noticeable benefit of this type of service since you’ll notice the lack of standing water or slowly emptying sinks and appliances. You won’t have to stand and wait for the dirty water in your sink to gurgle its way slowly down your kitchen pipes, both improving the efficiency of household chores and making cleaning up after a large family meal much less of a nightmare.

A clean kitchen or bathroom drain will be less likely to overflow when the water drains quickly away. Quickly draining toilet drains are especially important, as keeping toilet pipes clear will prevent the need to deal with back flow. You’ll be able to take longer showers, need to plunge toilets less, and you won’t have to worry about overflows causing water damage to your home.

Leak Prevention

Chemical deposits building up along the inside of your home’s drain pipes can cause them to corrode over time, increasing the likelihood of a leak occurring. A leak that seeps under tiles can reduce structural integrity, and water damage from leaks can also erode plaster and wallpaper. Thankfully, a regular drain cleaning schedule will reduce these chemical buildups and improve the lifespan of your plumbing systems.

Improved Pipe Lifespan

It takes time for chemicals to break down pipes, so regular maintenance will go a long way towards preserving the lifespan of your plumbing. You will find that you’ll be less likely to need to gut your home and replace all of the existing drain pipes if you follow a maintenance schedule. Properly maintained pipes can last for decades, with little to no problems arising. If a regular drain cleaning service schedule is not followed, you could find yourself needing to replace whole pipes every couple of years.

Odor Prevention

One of the most appreciated benefits of a drain cleaning service is the reduction and prevention of foul odors. When you think of foul odors caused by blockages, your mind may immediately jump to backed-up toilets. However, unpleasant smells can come from any drain that has experienced the buildup of mold and bacteria, and the regular flow of water is often not enough to wash away the spores causing these odors.

Soap scum, hair, and other organic matter that gets washed down your drains will get eaten by bacteria. Bacteria is what creates the foul-smelling odors that indicate your pipes need maintenance. A thorough drain cleaning will mean that you can bathe, shower, and wash dishes in an environment that doesn’t make you want to hold your nose.

Prevent Costly House Damages

Experiencing a pipe leak is bad enough when the water that flowed through the pipes was clean. If the pipe was clogged with wastewater and is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold spores, the unsanitary water can have a much more devastating effect. The water may discolor your floors and walls, resulting in costly decorating jobs and flooring replacements. Arranging a drain cleaning service will help to prevent expensive house repairs in the event of a leak or flood. Clean water is much less costly to get rid of than sewage water in the long run as you’re not battling the devastating effects of chemical-laden and bacteria-ridden water.

Clog Reduction

A drain cleaning service will remove existing clogs, and booking regular maintenance appointments will prevent further clogs from forming. Sinks full of standing water and toilet back flow will be a thing of the past. Without clear drainage, your baths, showers, dishwashing, and other tasks may need to be cut short. Drain cleaning services use the appropriate chemicals to ensure clogs are removed successfully from your home.

Improved Family Health

We mentioned earlier how the breakdown of organic matter clogged in your drains could cause bad odors to linger in your home. Slow or clogged drains are the perfect habitat for bacteria and mold to grow; since there is not a consistent water flow to flush it out, it can grow to be a problem. Exposure to mold and bacteria can cause you or your family members to develop illnesses, infections, and breathing issues. A drain cleaning service removes the perfect damp environment that bacteria and mold like to grow. It reduces the likelihood of developing illnesses linked to the presence of mold and bacteria while living in your home.

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Craig’s Plumbing is a local family-owned and operated business that has been serving Las Vegas since 1997. Our drain cleaning service is available to residents of Henderson, NV, and all of the surrounding areas. With same-day service, flexible appointments, including weekend visits, and 24/7 emergency appointments, you can experience a professional drain cleaning at any time, day or night. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with wastewater overflow caused by a blocked drain, and call our experts. Don’t wait longer than you have to to have your drains skillfully cleaned, book an appointment today.